10 Interesting the Murray River Facts

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Get the interesting information about the longest river in Australia on The Murray River Facts. The length of the river is measured at 1,558 miles or 2,508 km. The mouth of Murray River is shallow and small even though the river discharges high level of water volume. Almost 58 percent of the natural flow has been received by Murray River system in 2010. The people in Australia call it as the food bowl of the nation due to its important for irrigation. Here are other interesting facts about the Murray River below:

The Murray River Facts 1: Murray–Darling river system

Murray River meets Darling River to combine Murray–Darling river system which has the length at 2,330 miles or 3,750 km.

The Murray River Facts 2: the native fish in Murray River

The golden perch, trout cod, Murray cod, Australian smelt, silver perch, Macquarie perch, western carp gudgeon and eel-tailed catfish are some native fish in Murray River.

The Murray River Facts

The Murray River Facts

The Murray River Facts 3: the health of Murray River

Since the European settlement, Murray River has decreased health. Some native fish in the river earn the status as the endangered or rare animals because of the river regulation.

The Murray River Facts 4: drought

The river red gum forest was affected by the presence of recent extreme droughts in 2000 until 2007.

The Murray River Images

The Murray River Images

The Murray River Facts 5: flood

Besides drought, the river is also prone to flood. The flood which took place in 1956 is the most significant one which affects the river. This flood lasted for 6 months which devastated the towns located on the lower Murray.

The Murray River Facts 6: the introduction of other fish

The native fish life in the river is also negatively affected the introduction of fish species like rainbow trout, brown trout, weather loach, carp, and redfin preach.

The Murray River Pic

The Murray River Pic

The Murray River Facts 7: the negative impact of carp

The introduction of carp in the river increases the turbidity of the river and damages aquatic plants. It makes the Murray River and tributaries degrade.

The Murray River Facts 8: the ancient Murray River system

The ancient Murray River system housed the Burra Creek. People also recognize it as the Worlds End Creek. The uplifting of fold belt as well as the fault movement which took place around 50 million years ago during the Eocene Period diverted Murray River at Morgan.  Look at facts about the Colorado River here.

The Murray River Pictures

The Murray River Pictures

The Murray River Facts 9: Murray River commerce

In 1855 until 1920, Murray River commerce was at its climax.

The Murray River Facts 10: the myth

There are various myths related to Murray River. One of them states that Ngurunderi, the Great Ancestor created Murray River through his track when chasing the Murray Cod or Pondi. Check facts about the Mekong River here.

The Murray River Beauty

The Murray River Beauty

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