10 Interesting the Environment Facts

Monday, May 16th 2016. | Environment

The living and non living things found on earth are explained on The Environment Facts. The all living species in the world will interact in environment. There are several components which make up the natural environment. The economic activities as well as the survival of human being are determined based on the natural resources, weather and climate. Let’s check other interesting environment facts below:

The Environment Facts 1: the universal natural resources

Magnetism, electric charge, radiation, water, air, energy and climate are included in universal natural resources. All of them are not originated from the activities of human being.

The Environment Facts 2: the ecological units

The soil, rocks, microorganism, atmosphere and vegetation are some examples of ecological units.

The Environment

The Environment

The Environment Facts 3: the types of environment

There are two types of environments. Both are the natural environment and built environment. The latter one is created by human being. It can be seen from the conversation of land into agriculture, residential building, and urban setting.

The Environment Facts 4: the natural environment

It is not easy to find out a 100 percent natural environment in the world because it has varied degree.

The Environment Pic

The Environment Pic

The Environment Facts 5: how to learn the environment

If you are interested to learn about environment, check out earth science.  You can learn geodesy, geophysics, geology and geography. Find facts about Alpine Tundra here.

The Environment Facts 6: the ocean

Ocean is included as a natural environment. The water in the ocean is saline due to the high level of salt. The ocean covers around 71 percent of earth’s surface.

The Environment Images

The Environment Images

The Environment Facts 7: the major oceans in the world

The major oceans in the world include Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean. Find facts about Congo Rainforest here.

The Environment Facts 8: river

River and ocean are different. The former one contains freshwater. It usually travels to sea, lake, or ocean. The term brook, creek or stream is specifically used to call a small river.

The Environment Image

The Environment Image

The Environment Facts 9: lake

Another body of water is lake. The river usually feeds on the lake. Compared to a pond, a lake has deeper and larger size. You can spot the lake on the rift zones or even mountainous regions.

The Environment Facts 10: the dry air

The dry air is also included as a part of natural environment. It contains 1 percent argon, 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen. Carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapors are included as the greenhouse gases.

The Environment Facts

The Environment Facts

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