10 Interesting Wood Facts

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You will be informed with the structural tissue found in the woody plants or trees on Wood Facts. It has hard and strong texture. The cellulose fibers are considered as the primary material, which composes wood.  Can you define the primary functions of wood? It allows the plant to grow larger. Moreover, it supports the plants. Let me show you other impressive facts about wood by reading the following post below:

Wood Facts 1: nutrients and waters

The nutrients and waters are circulated around the wood to send to the roots, growing tissues and leaves.

Wood Facts 2: the importance of wood

Wood is very important for the life of human being according to the history.  It has been used to create tools, construction material fuel, feedstock, paper, furniture and weapon.

Wood Facts

Wood Facts

Wood Facts 3: renewable energy

People are interested to have wood as their renewable energy due to its abundant amount in the forest. The stock of wood in the forest according to the report in 2005 reached 434 billion cubic metres. The commercial ones reached 47 percent. Check facts about the Congo Rainforest here.

Wood Facts 4: the primary uses

The primary uses of wood are for building construction and furniture. The harvested wood in 1991 reached 3.5 billion cubic metres.

Wood Image

Wood Image

Wood Facts 5: the diameter

The diameter of wood is increased after it is formed.  The entire stem will be enveloped by the new wood layer.

Wood Facts 6: the growth ring

The growth ring occurs on the wooden trees located in regions with four seasons. The visible one is spotted on the log end.

Wood Pictures

Wood Pictures

Wood Facts 7: the chemical composition

The chemical composition of wood is 1 percent nitrogen, 6 percent hydrogen, 42 percent oxygen and 50 percent of carbon. Other elements found in wood include manganese, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium.

Wood Facts 8: the three primary components

The three primary components of wood are hemicelluloses, cellulose and lignin. The latter one accounts for 27 percent of the wood. Hemicelluloses account for 20 percent in deciduous trees. 41 to 43 percent is occupied by cellulose. Look at facts about the environment here.



Wood Facts 9: paper industry

The paper industry is applied by separating cellulose and lignin. The amount of lignin determines whether the wood is soft or hard.

Wood Facts 10: fuel

Wood has been used as a major source of industry. Many people who live in the villages still use wood burning.

Facts about Wood

Facts about Wood

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