10 Interesting Swamp Facts

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The forests wetland is explained in Swamp Facts. In most cases, the natural water level of fluctuation is very important to the presence of the swamp located along the large rivers. But you can also find some swamps located around the shores of the large lakes.  You can find out other information about the types of swamps as well as the examples of the famous swamps in the world by checking other facts below:

Swamp Facts 1: the types of swamps

There are two main types of swamps. The shrub swamps are the transitional one, while the true swamp is the swamp forest.

Swamp Facts 2: the definition of swamps in boreal regions

Canada features several boreal regions. The word swamp is used differently in the area for it is used to call a muskeg or bog.

Swamp Pic

Swamp Pic

Swamp Facts 3: the water

If you think that the water of swamps is always brackish, you are wrong. There are some swamps which have the seawater or even freshwater.

Swamp Facts 4: the largest swamps

There are many swamps located in the world. If you expect to spot the largest ones, you need to see them along the rivers in Congo, Mississippi and Amazon.

Swamp Pictures

Swamp Pictures

Swamp Facts 5: the value

The value of swamps is very low because people consider it as an unproductive land.  Compared to woodlands, prairies and fields, swamp is less valuable. But the farmers often change the swamp by draining the area so that they can plant the crops on its soil.

Swamp Facts 6: the importance of swamps

Now the people realize that swamp is important for the life of human being. It can be the source of oxygen and freshwater. It is also used by various organisms as the breeding ground. The fish production relays on the floodplain swamp.



Swamp Facts 7: the protection of swamps

Due to the importance of swamps and wetlands, the government begins to preserve them. For instance, United States Environmental Protection Agency tries to preserve and protect the swamps. Get facts about salt marsh here.

Swamp Facts 8: the presence of swamp

You can find swamp in various parts of the world.  However, you will never find it in Antarctica.

Swamp facts

Swamp facts

Swamp Facts 9: Amazon River floodplain

The Amazon River floodplain is considered as the largest swamp in the world. It is the home to various trees and fish species. Get facts about sustainability here.

Swamp Facts 10: in Asia

There are various swamps that you can find in Asia. In southern Iraq, you can spot Tigris-Euphrates river system. In the mainland East Asia and Southeast Asia, you can find various tropical peat swamps.

Swamp Image

Swamp Image

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