10 Interesting the Congo Rainforest Facts

Thursday, April 7th 2016. | Environment

The Congo Rainforest Facts inform you with the tropical forest located on the eastern area of Congo. The Congo River flows along the rainforest. It is called as one of the longest rivers in the world. The rainforest is very important for the life of the plants and animals. However, the population of the animals which live in the rainforest is decreased because of the poaching and hunting. Here are the other facts about Congo rainforest:

The Congo Rainforest Facts 1: the famous book

Have you ever heard about Joseph Conrad? He was an author of The Heart of Darkness. He used Congo River and Congo Rainforest as the main subjects in the book.

The Congo Rainforest Facts 2: the plants

The Congo Rainforest is also a home to diverse kinds of plants. It is estimated that the plants in the rainforest occupy around 70 percent of the plants in Africa.

Congo Rainforest

Congo Rainforest

The Congo Rainforest Facts 3: the species of plants and animals

The experts estimate that Congo Rainforest has around 10,000 animal species and 600 tree species.

The Congo Rainforest Facts 4: the Congo Basin

The population of animals in the rainforest is concentrated in the Congo Basin. You can spot the two unique chimpanzees living here. Both are bonobo and common chimpanzee. Check facts about sustainability here.

The Congo Rainforest Facts

The Congo Rainforest Facts

The Congo Rainforest Facts 5: the lowland gorillas

The gorillas which live in Congo are called lowland gorillas. If you are in the river along Congo rainforest, you can spot the presence of hippopotamus.

The Congo Rainforest Facts 6: Loxodonta cyclotis

Loxodonta cyclotis is the scientific name of African forest elephant. They can be found living in Congo rainforests. They have small body.

The Congo Rainforest Image

The Congo Rainforest Image

The Congo Rainforest Facts 7: the okapi

Congo rainforest is a home to different kinds of unique animals. One of them is the okapi. When you see it, it will remind you with the look of a zebra. However, okapi has a closer relationship with giraffe.

The Congo Rainforest Facts 8: the mammals

The mammals that live in Congo rainforest include Congo peafowl, Allen’s swamp monkey, aquatic genet and dryas monkey.

The Congo Rainforest

The Congo Rainforest

The Congo Rainforest Facts 9: before the arrival of European people

Before the European people arrived in Congo, the land was occupied by Kongo Empire. The king was the ruler of the empire.

The Congo Rainforest Facts 10: preservation

To make sure that the animals and plants in the Congo rainforest can survive in the future, the people have to reduce hunting and illegal logging. Get facts about taiga here.

The Congo Rainforest Pictures

The Congo Rainforest Pictures

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