10 Interesting Deforestation Facts

Saturday, December 28th 2013. | Environment

The information about the permanent destruction on the forest is discussed on deforestation facts. Deforestation should be avoided if people want to preserve the life of the trees and animals living on the forest. Today, the area of forest is decreased from time to time because of the farming and illegal logging. Find out more facts about deforestation in the following post below:

Deforestation Facts 1: forest in Panama

It is estimated that 7.3 million hectares or 8 million acres of forest located in Panama is damaged. The data are collected by FAO or United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

Deforestation Facts 2: tropical forest

The tropical forest in the world is the source of oxygen.  It can absorb the carbon dioxide and makes the earth fresher. However, FAO reports that a half of tropical forest in the world has been cleared by human being.

Deforestation causes

Deforestation causes

Deforestation Facts 3: forest in the land mass of the world

Now the estimated forest in the land mass of earth is only 30 percent from the whole earth surface.

Deforestation Facts 4: contribution of global warming

The world resources institute tells that the contribution of the forest in the world is reduced from 12 up to 17 percent to eliminate the annual global warming impact. It is due to the fact the the land mass of forest is reduced so that they can only absorb small amount of gas emission.

Deforestation facts

Deforestation facts

Deforestation Facts 5: global climate change

The rapid global climate change is mainly affected by the deforestation.  The main job of the trees for human being is to eliminate the carbon emission and green house gases produced by the factories and vehicles.

Deforestation Facts 6: location of deforestation

There are several countries in the world which experience deforestation. The main target of deforestation is mainly on the tropical rainforest. You can see that the land mass of the forest in Congo, some parts of African, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil and Eastern Europe is reduced.

Deforestation Impact

Deforestation Impact

Deforestation Facts 7: indigenous forest

The world resources institute further state that only 22 percent of the indigenous forest is survived. This forest is located in Northwestern Amazon basin, Russia, Alaska and Canadian.

Deforestation Facts 8: housing

One of the main causes of deforestation is because of the house and urbanization.  The rapid population growth forces the people to transform the land on the forest as a house.  Moreover, they also transform into a farm.

Deforestation in Burma

Deforestation in Burma

Deforestation Facts 9: logging industry

Tropical forest is filled with a lot of trees. The logging industries always try to cut the trees so that the wood can be used to create a home, furniture or even handicraft.

Deforestation Facts 10: burning trees

When people want to conduct deforestation, they usually perform clean cutting the trees or even burn the trees.



The impact of deforestation is not only affected to human being, but also the living ecosystem in the area. The wild animals do not have a big space to live. Are you sad with facts about deforestation?

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