10 Interesting the Atlantic Ocean Facts

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Let’s find The Atlantic Ocean Facts in the below post. It is ranked as the second largest oceanic division in the world.  Do you know the total area of Atlantic Ocean? It is around 41,100,000 square miles or 106,400,000 square kilometers. It occupies around 29 percent of the water surface area in the world or 20 percent of surface on our planet. Check other interesting facts about the Atlantic Ocean below:

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 1: the name of the Ocean

The name of the ocean, Atlantic is taken from the Greek mythology of the Atlas. Therefore, Atlantic means Sea of Atlas.

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 2: the oldest mentioning of Atlantic Ocean

The word Atlantic was mentioned in 450 BC in the Histories of Herodotus. In the mid-19th century, the southern Atlantic was called Ethiopic Ocean. It was taken from the word Ethiopia. Get facts about Arctic Ocean here.

The Atlantic Ocean Pictures

The Atlantic Ocean Pictures

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 3: the boundary

Let’s find out the boundary of Atlantic Ocean. On the West of Atlantic Ocean, you can spot North and South America.

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 4: the connection

Atlantic Ocean is connected to other bodies of water in the world through Arctic Ocean such as Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea and Denmark Strait. The Hudson Bay, Celtic Sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico are parts of the Atlantic. Find facts about Polar Region here.

The Atlantic Ocean Waves

The Atlantic Ocean Waves

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 5: the depth

Atlantic Ocean has the average depth is 3,339 metres with its neighboring seas.

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 6: the greatest depth

The greatest depth of Atlantic Ocean is located in Puerto Rico Trench. It is called Milwaukee Deep. It has the depth at 8,380 metres.

The Atlantic Ocean Current

The Atlantic Ocean Current

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 7: Black Atlantic

The history of Black people is always associated with Atlantic Ocean during the Atlantic slave trade. It is called Black Atlantic. The term the Green Atlantic is used to refer to the Irish migration to United States.

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 8: the compositions of ocean sediments

There are various materials which compose the Atlantic Ocean sediments. Those include Authigenic deposits, Pelagic deposits and Terrigenous deposits.

The Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 9: the salinity

Atlantic Ocean has the highest salinity of all oceans in the world on average. The salinity level is influenced by the river inflow, evaporation, sea ice melting and precipitation.

The Atlantic Ocean Facts 10: the climate of Atlantic Ocean

The wind, water current and surface water’s temperature affect the climate of Atlantic Ocean. The seasonal variations in Atlantic Ocean are less extreme because of the maritime climate.

The Atlantic Ocean Facts

The Atlantic Ocean Facts

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