10 Interesting the Aurora Borealis Facts

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The Aurora Borealis Facts tell you about the northern lights. Actually there are two types of auroras. Both are the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights and Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The auroras occur because of the collision of the electrons with the upper reaches of atmosphere. The formation of auroras usually occurs at the height around 80 to 500 km above the surface of earth. Let’s find other interesting facts about Aurora Borealis below:

The Aurora Borealis Facts 1: the magnetic field

The electrons will be guided by the magnetic field of earth. There is no need to wonder that you can find two ovals formed by the aurora almost at the center of the magnetic poles.

The Aurora Borealis Facts 2: the expansion

The people who live in United States can spot the aurora during the major geomagnetic storms because the ovals made by the aurora expand.

The Aurora Borealis Colors

The Aurora Borealis Colors

The Aurora Borealis Facts 3: shapes

Have you seen aurora borealis before?  It comes in various shapes. You can spot the one look like folds of cloth. It can feature numerous tall rays too.

The Aurora Borealis Facts 4: the aurora during the evening

There will be arcs formed by the rays of aurora in the evening. They will twist and sway at the midnight. They are very bright when the arcs move fast and fill the sky.

The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis Facts 5: the aurora in the morning

The appearance of aurora in the evening reminds you with the cloud. When the sun rises in the east, the arcs vanish.

The Aurora Borealis Facts 6: where is the perfect place to watch aurora

Many people are very interested to watch the southern and northern aurora. You just have to sit at 60 to 75 degree between the latitude of south and north under the oval shaped area.

The Aurora Borealis Pictures

The Aurora Borealis Pictures

The Aurora Borealis Facts 7: the presence of aurora

The people who live in Asia, Europe or even United States can view aurora when the larger events happen. Get facts about nature here.

The Aurora Borealis Facts 8: the sky

The condition of the sky is very important to note when you want to spot aurora clearly. If the sky is free of clouds and clear, you can spot it easily.

The Aurora Borealis in Canada

The Aurora Borealis in Canada

The Aurora Borealis Facts 9: polar light

People often use the term polar light to call aurora because they can only spot it at the Antarctic and Arctic areas. Find facts about Polar Region here.

The Aurora Borealis Facts 10: the name Aurora Borealis

In 1619, Galileo proposed the term Aurora Borealis. Boreas in Greek means north wind, while Aurora is the Roman Goddess of Dawn.

The Aurora Borealis Facts

The Aurora Borealis Facts

Are you impressed after reading facts about Aurora Borealis?

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