10 Interesting Gravity Facts

Saturday, March 1st 2014. | Earth

Gravity facts indeed are important for any people. This can be so much popular among those who love to study about science. There are many important things that you don’t know about gravity. The facts below can help you to study better.

Gravity Facts 1: what is gravity?

To learn fact about gravity, people need to know what gravity is. The fact, any single object having mass attracted to each other was recognized as gravity.

Gravity Facts 2: solar system

Second fact, gravity have made the Earth and any other planets within the solar system to do orbiting around the Sun. Moreover, it also helps and keeps the Moon to do orbiting around the Earth. You need to know this fact.

Gravity Image

Gravity Image

Gravity Facts 3: Tides

Gravity also affects tides. In fact, tides are made and caused by the rotation of the Earth. It was also caused by the gravitational effects made by the Sun and the Moon.

Gravity Facts 4: Mars

There is significant different of gravity between the Earth and Mars. Let’s take example from people having the weight of 200 pounds on Earth standing on Mars. There he only weight about 76 pounds on such planet. It means Mars has lower gravity compared to Earth.

Gravity facts

Gravity facts

Gravity Facts 5: Isaac Newton

If it is about gravity, Isaac Newton was the person who had the biggest influence. He made the theory about gravity inspired by an apple falling from a tree.

Gravity Facts 6: Newton’s VS Einstein’s

Besides Isaac Newton, Einstein also was the man who ever made theory about gravity. It can be said that Newton’s was the older law of universal gravitation while Einstein applied general theory of relativity in describing gravity.

Gravity Movie

Gravity Movie

Gravity Facts 7: objects acceleration

The acceleration object within the Earth was 9.8 m/s2. If people ignore the drag of air, the speed of falling object may increase about 9.8 meters per second every second.

Gravity Facts 8:  Earth gravity force

If it is related to the force of gravity, the 62 miles of it having 3% lesser than the surface of the Earth.

Gravity Pic

Gravity Pic

Gravity Facts 9: human body

Human body can deal with the increase g-forces. Therefore, the can conduct many activities including airplane, dragster races, and others.

Gravity Facts 10: higher gravitational potential energy

The higher the object is the bigger the potential energy of gravity. It becomes basic rule actually.

Gravity facts

Gravity facts

The facts about Gravity are useful for any people who are interested to study about it. More information indeed can be obtained from the internet. You can also study about Gravity from any certain textbook out there.

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