10 Interesting Asia Facts

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Asia facts present the fascinating and unique information about some countries in the Asian continent. Asia is one of the main continents in the world. Each continent in the world has their culture including Asia. You can find diverse cultures and beliefs in the Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and many more. Here are the facts to note:

Asia Facts 1: Birthday Celebration

The Vietnamese New Year is considered as everybody’s birthday. They celebrate New Year and birthday.

Asia Facts 2: The Largest Shopping Mall in the World

It is so sad to know that that the largest shopping mall in the world located in China turn into a ghost town. However, nobody wants to have a store here because there are few visitors. The mall is unoccupied now.

Asia Facts

Asia Facts

Asia Facts 3: Water Gun Festival

Water Gun Festival is very popular in Thailand. This is the best tradition that people can participate in the Thai New Year. The celebration of the New Year occurs from 13th to 15th of April. Check Australian facts to know another big continent.

Asia Facts 4: Christmas in North Korea

The North Korean people will prefer to celebrate the birth Kim Jong IL’s mother on 24th December rather than celebrating the Christmas. On 27th December, the North Korean people will celebrate the constitution day.

Asia Map

Asia Map

Asia Facts 5: One Time Zone on China

Even though China is a very big country with the width 5,200 kilometers, it only covers one time zone. The national time zone is preserved since 1949 civil war.

Asia Facts 6: Xinjiang

Xinjiang is the only city in China which has the unofficial time zone. It has the time which is two hours behind the national time.



Asia Facts 7: Population China and India

If the population of the people living in China and Indian is combined, it makes up 1/3 of the total world’s population.

Asia Facts 8: Sichuan province

Sichuan province has a very big number of populations. Compared to the population in Austria, Malaysia, Greece, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, and Guatemala, it is bigger. Read Turkey facts to get the details.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Asia Facts 9: Fat People in Japan

If you live in Japan, it is illegal for the people to be fat. The Japanese law states that a woman cannot have a waistline more than 90 cm or 35.4 inches. The man cannot have it larger than 85 cm or 33.5 inches.

Asia Facts 10: A Newborn Baby in India

A new born baby located in Solapur India will be participated in a ritual where the baby will be taken on a top of tower in 500 foot height. Then it will be dropped.



There are many other interesting facts on Asian countries. There are many babies in China named after an event after the celebration of 2000 Olympics. Do you have any opinion on facts about Asia?

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