10 Interesting the Arctic Ocean Facts

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The Arctic Ocean Facts is one of the five major oceans in the world.  It is considered as the shallowest and the smallest one. The people also call this ocean as Northern Ocean. The location is primarily at Arctic North Polar Region.  Some oceanographers call Arctic Ocean as an estuary of the Atlantic Ocean or a Mediterranean sea. Therefore, they call it Arctic Sea or Arctic Mediterranean Sea. However, it is considered as an ocean by IHO or International Hydrographic Organization. Check other interesting facts about the Arctic Ocean below:

The Arctic Ocean Facts 1: the location of Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean is located at the northernmost part of the world. During the winter season, it is entirely covered by sea ice.  You can spot north America and Eurasia around the Arctic Ocean.

The Arctic Ocean Facts 2: the salinity and temperature

The salinity and temperature of Arctic Ocean vary depending on the seasons. If you compare it other major oceans in the world, it has the lowest salinity. The low salinity is caused by the limited connection of arctic sea with other high salty oceanic waters and the high amount of fresh water from the stream and rivers.

The Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean Facts 3: the area of Arctic Ocean

The area covered by Arctic Ocean is around 5,427,000 square miles or 14,056,000 km square. The length of the Arctic Ocean’s coastline is 28,200 miles or 45,390 km.

The Arctic Ocean Facts 4: the land masses

The Greenland, North America and Eurasia are the major land masses which surround Arctic Ocean.

The Arctic Ocean and Bears

The Arctic Ocean and Bears

The Arctic Ocean Facts 5: the borders

The countries in the world which share the border with Arctic Ocean include Canada, Russia, Norway, United States, Iceland, and Greenland.

The Arctic Ocean Facts 6: the importance of Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean is very important for there are some harbors and ports that you can spot in this Ocean. Find snow facts here.

The Arctic Ocean Facts

The Arctic Ocean Facts

The Arctic Ocean Facts 7: the harbors and ports in Canada

The harbors and ports around Arctic Ocean located in Canada are located at Port of Churchill and Nanisivik Naval Facility.

The Arctic Ocean Facts 8: the main ports in United States

The main ports of United States located around Arctic Ocean are located in Alaska. The major ones are situated at Prudhoe Bay and Barrow. Get facts about temperate grassland here.

The Arctic Ocean Pic

The Arctic Ocean Pic

The Arctic Ocean Facts 9: the sea ice

The entire surface of Arctic Ocean is covered by sea ice. The thickness of the ice depends on the season.

The Arctic Ocean Facts 10: the seasonal variation of sea ice

The ocean currents as well as the wind affect the sea ice of Arctic Ocean.

The Arctic Ocean Picture

The Arctic Ocean Picture

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