10 Interesting Earth Facts

Sunday, September 15th 2013. | Earth

Do you know many things about earth facts? Even though we live longer on earth, many of us do not know many things about this planet. When it comes about the name for earth, it was derived from the old English and Germanic word. It is considered as the only planet in the solar system whose name is not influenced by the roman or Greek mythology. Here are the complete facts about earth:

Earth Facts 1: The Third Planet

In the solar system, earth is located in the third planet from the sun. It is situated between Venus and mars. The distance of earth and the sun is one astronomical unit or 149,597,890 km.

Earth Facts 2: The Fifth Largest Planet

The diameter of earth counted based on the South Pole and North Pale is 7899 miles. This measurement is not conducted based on the equator since the poles are flattened. Thus, earth is the fifth largest planet is solar system. Check universe facts here.

earth day

earth day

Earth Facts 3: Life In On Earth

It is not easy to understand why only earth can present a life for human being. The planet is the only one which consists of life, air, water and land. The atmosphere on earth is also important to keep the things in it stay away from the void of space. Find another planet in Planet Mars facts.

Earth Facts 4: Water

Water on earth is abundant. It spans on more than 71 percent for the earth’s surface. That’s why people, animals and plants can live here.

Earth facts

Earth facts

Earth Facts 5: Center Of Universe

The knowledge is changing from time to time as people always seek the truth. The early understanding told people that earth is the center of universe. Now we know that this idea is not true.

Earth Facts 6: Season

There are four seasons in earth. The change of the season is influenced by the revolution around the sun.

Earth Pic

Earth Pic

Earth Facts 7: Atmosphere

As I have stated before atmosphere is very important to maintain the life on earth. The atmosphere is created from 21 percent oxygen, 77 percent nitrogen, water, carbon dioxide and argon.

Earth Facts 8: Natural Satellite

Probably you have already known that the only satellite of earth is moon. It is also called as Luna. The distance between moon and earth is 384,000 km.



Earth Facts 9: Magnetic Field

Earth has a magnetic field. The main influence for the magnetic field can be seen on the aurorae. This light is wonderful to see on the sky.

Earth Facts 10: Shape and Feature for Earth

When people want to see the earth as a whole, what they need to do is travelling to the space. There is no chance for you to see earth because it is so big.

no littering

no littering

The people who have traveled to the space are lucky because they have the chance to know the different world. Even though we have not gone to the space, at least we know the picture of earth. Do you have any comment on facts about earth?

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