10 Interesting Natural Resources Facts

Wednesday, August 20th 2014. | Earth

Find out the interesting natural resources facts about the elements that you can find on the environment. They are very valuable to human being. The forms of natural resources are various. They can be in the form of groundwater to drink or even lumber that people can use to build house or to make furniture. If you are interested to get more facts about natural resources, check the following post below:

Natural Resources Facts 1: the occurrence of natural resource

More natural resources on earth are relatively undisturbed by human being. You can have them as a part of the ecosystem. They are very important to the survival of human being, plants and animals. Therefore, people have to keep the existence of natural resources.

Natural Resources Facts 2: the origin of natural resources

Let’s find out the origin of natural resource. It can be from the biotic resource. It means that the natural resources are taken from the birds and their products, marine organism and their product, forest and their products, petroleum and coal.

Natural Resources Facts

Natural Resources Facts

Natural Resources Facts 3: abiotic resource

Besides the biotic origin, people should find out the abiotic origin.  The resources include the non living things. They can be in silver, copper, gold, ores, water air, lands, and copper.

Natural Resources Facts 4: Potential Resources

Some natural resources are categorized in the potential resources.  It means that they can be used in the regions and have already exists in some places.  For instance, petroleum can exist in India if the country has a lot of sedimentary rocks.

Natural Resources Pictures

Natural Resources Pictures

Natural Resources Facts 5: actual resource

Talking about the actual resource make you involves with the quality and quantity of resources used in the actual time.

Natural Resources Facts 6: Renewable resources

Renewable resources are the natural resources which can be renewed again in the future. Some of them include agricultural crops, forests, plants and many more. Get more facts about nature here.

Natural Resources Waterfall

Natural Resources Waterfall

Natural Resources Facts 7: Non-renewable resources

Non-renewable resources take a very long geological period to form. Some resources include in the non renewable ones include fossil fuel, natural gas and oil. All of them are very important for producing energy.

Natural Resources Facts 8: Inexhaustible natural resources

Inexhaustible natural resources include the resources which will never exhaust and limit in the future.

Natural Resources Waterfall

Natural Resources Waterfall

Natural Resources Facts 9: Exhaustible natural resources

Exhaustible natural resources are the natural resources which come in limited quantity. Therefore, human being should use it wisely.

Natural Resources Facts 10: examples of natural resources

Some examples of natural resources include plants, animals, wind, atmosphere, forestry, sun, water, lake, ground water, river, coal, rock, mineral, plants and animals.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

You have to use the natural resources wisely so that the next generation can have enjoyed it. What do you think on facts about natural resources?

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