10 Interesting Polar Region Facts

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If you want to know how the polar animals live in the poles, you have to check out Polar Region Facts. Living in a polar region is not easy. The cold temperature makes you freeze.  You can find out the polar region in the northernmost part of the earth. Here are the interesting facts about Polar Regions:

Polar Region Facts 1: the arctic region

The countries or areas included in the arctic regions are Greenland, Russia, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, USA, and Canada.

Polar Region Facts 2: why is it called pole region?

The polar region involves with the geographical poles of South and North Poles.  This region is also called as the frigid zone of earth.  The polar ice cap can be seen on the southern part on the continent of Antarctica and the northern area of the Arctic Ocean.

Polar Region Bears

Polar Region Bears

Polar Region Facts 3: temperature and sunlight

Compared to any other parts of the world, the sunlight on the North and South poles are very limited. If you travel in both areas, you will feel the cold temperature. The coldest temperature is during the winter time.

Polar Region Facts 4: characteristics

Let’s define the characteristics of polar region. This area is created from ice. During the mid winter, it has a complete darkness. During the summer season, you can have 20 hours of daylight

Polar Region Facts

Polar Region Facts

Polar Region Facts 5: settlement

Find out many settlements in North Polar Region of the earth. United States has a polar region. It is Alaska. Denmark has the Greenland filled with a lot of ice. You can find out permanent settlement of human being in North Pole area. Get Alaska facts here.

Polar Region Facts 6: the southern polar region

If you check out the southern polar region, you will never see any permanent human settlement. United States has McMurdo Station. It is called as the largest research station in Antarctica.

Polar Region Ice

Polar Region Ice

Polar Region Facts 7: other stations in Antarctica

The famous stations in Antarctica other than McMurdo Station include Scott Base, Marambio Base, Vostok Station, Palmer Station, Esperanza Base and Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Check Antarctica facts here.

Polar Region Facts 8: complex ecosystem

The Antarctica coastal Zones are not inhabited by the indigenous people. Therefore, you can find a very complex ecosystem in the area.

Polar Region Pic

Polar Region Pic

Polar Region Facts 9: the living creatures in polar region

You can find blue whales and penguins on the Arctic Ocean.

Polar Region Facts 10: temperature in Arctic region

The lower temperature in Arctic region ever recorded was at -90 degree F or -68 degree Celsius.

Polar Region

Polar Region

Are you impressed with facts about Polar region?

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