10 Interesting Deserts Facts

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You can educate your children about the deserts facts if you want them to know the life and condition in the desert. Some children think that desert is only found in Middle East. It is not totally true for there are some deserts in America, Australia, and Africa. By reading the facts about desert below you can notice the right information:

Deserts Facts 1: Mojave Desert

One of the diverse deserts in the world is Mojave Desert.  There are five regions on the desert. Some of them include southwestern, northern, south central, central, and eastern regions.

Deserts Facts 2: Dryness in Desert

Desert is considered as the dry area in the world. It only gets 10 inches of rain each year. There are few plants that can survive in the area. You can only see the low vegetation plans here. You can walk here and view the bare soil along the desert. The size of desert is estimated 20.9 square miles. Find other deserts by reading Australian facts.



Deserts Facts 3: Formation of Desert

The formation of desert depends on the condition of soil and topography for a specific land. In North American and Asian desert, it’s formed because of tectonic movement which affects the lowland sedimentary plains.

Deserts Facts 4: Desert in Africa

The African continent is famous because of the desert. It can be found in more than 30 countries located in Africa. Desert covers more than 75 percent of the land in Africa. You can see many deserts in Africa in Egyptian facts.

Deserts in Namibia

Deserts in Namibia

Deserts Facts 5: Sonoran Desert

Compared to other deserts in the world, Sonoran desert has full number of flora and fauna. The animal species include insects, mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.

Deserts Facts 6: Sahara Desert

You are wrong if you always think that desert is composed with sand only. The base on the desert is gravel. You can take a look at Sahara desert for it comprises 70 percent gravels and 30 percent sand.

Deserts Plateau

Deserts Plateau

Deserts Facts 7: Animals in Desert

The extreme condition in the desert forces the animals living in desert to survive even without any drop of water. Kangaroo rat can get the food from the mosquito beans and grass seed, but it can survive without drinking water. It can get the water on the food.

Deserts Facts 8: The Largest Desert in the World

The largest desert in the world is Sahara desert. The name is derived from the Arabian word called as Sahra. It means desert in English.



Deserts Facts 9: The Largest Nonpolar Desert

Sahara is considered as the world largest nonpolar desert in the world. The largest polar desert is taking by Antarctica.

Deserts Facts 10: Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert is located in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. The desert is called is the largest expanse of unbroken sand.

Deserts Facts

Deserts Facts

Living in a desert can be difficult for human being. The high intensity of sun light with scarcity of water can make you live unwell. It will be difficult for human being to survive with no food and drink in a desert. By reading the facts about desert, you will get more information about different topography in the world.

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