10 Interesting South America Facts

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South America facts inform you with some interesting histories, places and ways of life of the native people here. South American is well known with their rich cultures. If you visit South America, you can go to the nice places in Brazil, Mexico, Chile or Spain. Here are some various South America facts to understand:

South America Facts 1: Landmass

Based on the landmass, South America is considered as the fourth largest continent in the world.  You can visit many countries such as Chile. It is considered as the most peaceful country in South America. You will love to stay here for a while if you need a quiet vacation. If you want to know the driest place in Chile, you can go to Atacama Desert.

South America Facts 2: Brazil

There are many interesting places that you can visit when you are in Brazil. You can go to the largest city in Brazil; it is Sao Paulo.

South America Carnival

South America Carnival

South America Facts 3: Quinine

The first drug used by the people to treat malaria is called as Quinine. The drug is created from Cinchona. It is a bark of a tree which can be found in Ecuador.

South America Facts 4: Language

Even though there are many countries in South America, the main languages on the continent are Spanish and Portuguese. Find out more about North America facts here.

South America Facts

South America Facts

South America Facts 5: Miniscule Orchid

The smallest orchid in the world is discovered in Ecuador South America. It is called as miniscule orchid. The width of the orchid is only 2.1 mm.

South America Facts 6: Lake Maracaibo

Lake Maracaibo is considered as the largest lake in South America. It has the width of 13,300 square miles. You can go to Venezuela to see the lake. Salar de Uyuni is located in Bolivia. It is pointed as the largest salt lake in the world.

South America Map

South America Map

South America Facts 7: Internet Users

The high population of internet users in South America is located in Brazil.

South America Facts 8: Argentina

Argentina is the home of the most populous city in South America. It is Buenos Aires. If you want to visit the highest point in South America, you can go to Cerro Aconcagua. It is called in Andes, Argentina.

South America

South America

South America Facts 9: Waterfall in South America

Angel falls situated in Venezuela are the highest waterfall in the world. It has the high around 1000 meters. Read Niagara Falls facts to know another waterfall in the world.

South America Facts 10: Roman Catholicism

Most people living in South America embrace Roman Catholicism. When it comes about the economic status in South America, the gap between the poor and rich is the biggest one in the world.

South American People

South American People

The life expectancy of the people living in South America is around 72 years based on the UN research. Amazon rainforest is considered as the largest remaining natural resource in the continent. Do you want to comment on facts about South America?

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