10 Interesting Freshwater Facts

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If you are interested to study about the earth and environment, you have the read the whole freshwater facts. It is estimated that 3 percent of earth water contains the freshwater biome. Freshwater is different with marine water. It contains 1 percent salt. The animals and plants living on the freshwater are very abundant. Find out other interesting information about freshwater below:

Freshwater Facts 1: food and water

Freshwater biomes are very important to the life of human beings and animals. There are many kinds of birds and mammals which get their food and water by visiting the freshwater biomes much as lake, river and wetland.

Freshwater Facts 2: types of freshwater

There are several kinds of freshwater. You can see streams, ponds, river, wetland, creeks and lakes. The river and stream are the moving water. On their hand, lakes and ponds are called the standing freshwater.

Freshwater facts

Freshwater facts

Freshwater Facts 3: The littoral zone

The littoral zone is located near the shore. The sunlight radiation can fill the bottom of this zone. That’s why; you can find that this zone is a home to the floating plants, turtles, frogs, rooted plants, small fish, snails and algae.

Freshwater Facts 4: The Limnetic zone

The second type of freshwater zone is the limnetic zone. This is the open water which is located near the littoral zone. You can see that algae and planktons can be seen living here. This is the place where the photosynthetic occurred.

Freshwater Lotus

Freshwater Lotus

Freshwater Facts 5: The Profundal zone

In the deep lake, there is a profundal zone. It is located in the bottom area of the lake. This space is the home the bottom dwelling fish, fungi and bacteria. All of them eat the dead and dying organisms.

Freshwater Facts 6: types of fish

You are wrong if you think that the freshwater does not contain a wide array of fish types. This biome is the home to more than 700 kinds of fish species. They include carp, trout, catfish and heterotrophy.

Freshwater Map

Freshwater Map

Freshwater Facts 7: the fish production

It is estimated that the freshwater areas in the world contain 41 percent of fish.

Freshwater Facts 8: amphibians

If you are engaged in a biology project to research an animal, you can do it by visiting the nearest freshwater area in your town. This freshwater is the home to 1200 species of amphibians. You can see the poisonous or non poisonous ones.

Freshwater View

Freshwater View

Freshwater Facts 9: animals

The animals living in freshwater all over the world are varied. You can see waders, ducks, alligators, crocodiles, platypus, furbearers and hippotatamus.

Freshwater Facts 10: plants

There are many kinds of plants that you can see growing in or on the freshwater. You can see myrtle, cattails, algae, false ivy, tamarack and brine spike.



All kinds of animals and plants living in freshwater area are prone to damage because of the high intensity of pollution. Do you have any opinion on facts about freshwater?

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