10 Interesting the Caribbean Sea Facts

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The Caribbean Sea Facts tell you about the sea of the Atlantic Ocean. At the southwest and west side, you can spot the Central America and Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico sharing the boundaries with Caribbean Sea. This sea is a part of the tropics of western hemisphere. Other areas which share border with Caribbean Sea are north coast of South America, Lesser Antilles, and Cuba. Here are other interesting facts about the Caribbean Sea to note:

The Caribbean Sea Facts 1: the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a term used to call the region consisting of various islands, reefs, cays and islets located of the West Indies.

The Caribbean Sea Facts 2: the area of Caribbean Sea

The area of Caribbean Sea is around 1,063,000 square miles or 2,754,000 km square. There is no need to wonder that it is considered as one of the largest seas in the world.

Facts about Caribbean Sea

Facts about Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea Facts 3: the deepest point

Cayman Trough is considered as the deepest point of Caribbean Sea. The depth is around 25,220 feet or 7,686 meter below the sea level. The location of Cayman Trough is between Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

The Caribbean Sea Facts 4: the gulfs and bays

There are various gulfs and bays that you can find in the coastlines of Caribbean Sea. Those include Gulf of Honduras, Gulf of Venezuela, Gulf of Gonâve, Golfo de los Mosquitos and Gulf of Darién.

Caribbean sea

Caribbean sea

The Caribbean Sea Facts 5: the barrier reef in the world

Caribbean Sea features the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. It takes the record as the sea with the second barrier reef in the world. The reef is spotted from the coast of Mexico to the coast of Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. It has the length at 620 miles or 1000 km.

The Caribbean Sea Facts 6: the name Caribbean Sea

The name of the sea is taken from the Caribs. At the end of 15th century, the Native American group had contact with Europeans who came to the region.

Caribbean Sea Pic

Caribbean Sea Pic

The Caribbean Sea Facts 7: the presence of Caribbean Sea

The people in Eurasia began to know the presence of Caribbean Sea in 1492. When Columbus wanted to find a sea route to Asia, he went through Caribbean Sea. Check facts about the Burren here.

The Caribbean Sea Facts 8: the busy area

Caribbean Sea became a busy area when the European people began to notice on the discovery of the sea and islands. It was a central transport and marine trading.

Caribbean Sea Image

Caribbean Sea Image

The Caribbean Sea Facts 9: piracy

Due to the importance of Caribbean Sea in term of economy, piracy was flourished here. Get facts about Canadian Shield here.

The Caribbean Sea Facts 10: tourism

Now people like to visit the sea because it has tropical temperature and amazing beaches.

the Caribbean Facts

the Caribbean Facts

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