10 Interesting Snow Facts

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Get the interesting information about the precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice in Snow Facts. The ice particles are very small. They fall from the cloud. The texture and structure of snow is fully, soft, smooth and shining. You can also find out the different shapes and sizes of snowflakes. Let’s find out more interesting facts about snow below:

Snow Facts 1: the snowfall

The snowfall is the term to call the precipitation process of snow. The region with has an extratropical cyclone will experience snowfall. Get facts about rain here.

Snow Facts 2: the heavy snow

The heavy snow is very possible to experience in the mountainous area. The high elevation area has a very cold atmosphere which increases the chance of having heavy snow.

Snow Pic

Snow Pic

Snow Facts 3: the types of snow

The scientists will be able to identify the types of snow by looking at the accumulation rate, the shapes of snow flakes and the collection of the snow on the ground.

Snow Facts 4: the visibility

If you want to know whether the snowfall is very heavy or not, you have to check the visibility of the show. The snow is considered light if the visibility is more than 0.62 miles or 1 km.

Snow Picture

Snow Picture

Snow Facts 5: the heavy and moderate snowfall

The heavy snowfall is characterized with the visibility less than 0.5 kilometer. The visibility of 0.5 till 1 kilometer is identified as the moderate snow.

Snow Facts 6: the snow shower and snowstorms

The snow shower is used to describe the snow with short duration and variable intensity. The snowstorm is used to describe the steady snow with great intensity.



Snow Facts 7: blizzard

You have to be careful with blizzard for it is used to describe the heavy snowfall. The visibility is less than 0.25 miles or .04 km. It also has the speed at 56 km per hour or 35 miles per hour. Get facts about blizzard here.

Snow Facts 8: the highest average yearly snowfall

The record of the highest average yearly snowfall is taken by Sukayu, Onsen, Japan. It had 57.87 feet or 1,764 c of snow in 1981 till 2010.

Snow Image

Snow Image

Snow Facts 9: Mount Baker Ski Area

Mount Baker Ski Area took the record as the highest seasonal total snowfall in 1998 and 1999 season. It is a popular recreational area in US.

Snow Facts 10: Sapporo

Have you visited Sapporo, Japan? This city is the snowiest city in the world. The rate of the snowfall in Sapporo is 19.52 feet or 595 cm. It is inhabited by more one million people.

Snow Facts

Snow Facts

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