10 Interesting Crater Lake Facts

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Crater Lake facts include the information about one of the best lakes in US. The depth of this lake is lake can make people drown if they are unable to swim here. It is considered as the deepest lake in United States. Here are some interesting facts about Crater Lake:

Crater Lake Facts 1: Depth

As I have stated before Crater Lake is on the top position as the deepest lake in US. It is considered as the second deepest lake in Western Hemisphere. The world record takes the lake on the seventh position of the deepest lake in the world.

Crater Lake Facts 2: Size of the Crater Lake

The average lake depth is around 350 meters. The maximum lake depth is counted around 592 meter or 1,943 feet. The width of Crater Lake is around 9.69 km or 6.02 miles.

crater lake fact

crater lake fact

Crater Lake Facts 3: Elevation of the Surface

Do you know the lake surface elevation? Crater Lake is counted at 1,881 meter or 6,173 feet.

Crater Lake Facts 4: Old Man of the Lake

One of the most interesting facts of Crater Lake is about the Old Man of the Lake. It is not a man but a 30 foot long hemlock log. Many people call it as the old man of the lake because it has been floating around Crater Lake for more than 100 years.

crater lake facts

crater lake facts

Crater Lake Facts 5: Crater Lake National Park

If you want to make a great vacation with family to enjoy scenic view, you can visit Crater Lake National Park. You will be served with Rogue River and Klamath River too.

Crater Lake Facts 6: President Theodore Roosevelt

Crater Lake National Park was assigned by President Theodore Roosevelt as the first national park in US on 22 May 1902. Today many people love to visit this park.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Crater Lake Facts 7: Mammals in the Park

There are various mammals living in the parks. You will be served with unique mammals that you cannot see in your daily environment. You can scrutinize pikas, mule deer, Roosevelt elk, bobcats, snowshoe hares, yellow-bellied marmots, coyotes, and black bears.

Crater Lake Facts 8: Birds in the Park

The visitors can also enjoy the bird in the park. You can view mountain chickadees, ravens, golden eagles, bald eagles, Clark’s nutcrackers, and Stellar’s jays.

Crater Lake Oregon

Crater Lake Oregon

Crater Lake Facts 9: Reptiles

Crater National Park is the best place for the people who want to introduce the types of reptiles to their kids. You can see salamanders, frogs, valley garter snake, northern alligator, pygmy horned and lizards. Get more facts about reptile here.

Crater Lake Facts 10: Zones in the Park

There are four main zones in the park that you can explore. You can go to the lowest elevation will the highest elevation in the park. Another park to visit in US is seen on Yosemite National Park.



The most exposed zone in the park is occupied by the highest elevation. You will be served with white bark pine, mountain hemlock and lodge pole pine. What do you think on facts about Crater Lake?


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