10 Interesting Temperate Grasslands Facts

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Get the interesting Temperate Grasslands Facts by reading the following post below. The vegetations that you can spot in this biome are mainly shrubs and grasses. The climate in the temperate grassland is semi humid to semi arid. The soil in this grassland is fertile for it contains a lot of minerals and nutrients. Check other interesting facts about temperate grassland below:

Temperate Grasslands Facts 1: the plants and animals

Let’s find out the plants and animals which live in this temperate grassland. The animals are the birds, reptiles and grazing mammals. You can spot the shrubs, short trees and grasses here.

Temperate Grasslands Facts 2: the shortgrass and tallgrass prairies

The tallgrass prairies can be spotted on the temperate grassland with more rainfalls. The semi arid areas usually contain the shortgrass prairies or steppes. Get facts about temperate deciduous forest biome here.

Temperate Grassland Facts

Temperate Grassland Facts

Temperate Grasslands Facts 3: the moderate rainfalls

The moderate rainfalls can be seen on the Humid Pampas of Argentina and tallgrass prairie of North America. Since the soil is very rich, people often use the area for agriculture.

Temperate Grasslands Facts 4: Savannas

You can find both trees and grasses in the savannah. However, the trees in the temperate grassland are very different from the forest for they will never form any canopy. Check savanna biome facts here.

Temperate Grassland

Temperate Grassland

Temperate Grasslands Facts 5: the location of the temperate grassland

The location of the temperate grassland is on the south of tropic Capricorn at 23.5 degrees south and north of Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees north.

Temperate Grasslands Facts 6: the major temperate grasslands in the world

The major temperate grasslands in the world are located at the plains of North America, steppes of Eurasia, pampas of South America and veldts of Africa.

Temperate Grasslands Image

Temperate Grasslands Image

Temperate Grasslands Facts 7: the dominant vegetation

The dominant vegetation in the biome is the grasses. It is very hard for the people to spot the large shrubs and trees. The absence of the trees and shrubs is because of the occasional fires and seasonal drought. Moreover, there are various large mammals which graze around the grassland. Therefore, the tress and woody shrubs are never established.

Temperate Grasslands Facts 8: the river valley

If the grassland is located around the river valley, you can spot willows, oaks and cottonwoods growing around the valley.

Temperate Grasslands Pic

Temperate Grasslands Pic

Temperate Grasslands Facts 9: the species of grasses

Some species of grasses that you can spot here include purple needlegrass, galleta, and buffalo grass.

Temperate Grasslands Facts 10: flowers

You can also spot numerous flowers on the temperate grasslands. Those are goldenrods, coneflowers, blazing stars, asters, wild indigos, clovers, sunflowers and many more.

Temperate Grassland

Temperate Grassland

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