10 Interesting North America Facts

Friday, June 28th 2013. | Earth

North America facts bring the detail info about the dominant language, size, commodity, and countries that make up the continent. There are three important languages used by the people in North America. Those are Spanish, French and English. You can enjoy detail information by reading the whole post:

North America Facts 1: Continent

North America is considered as the largest continent in the world. If you want to know the highest point on the continent, you can go to Alaska and visit mount McKinley.

North America Facts 2: Wheat

The main commodity in the continent is wheat. It can accommodate the consumption of one fifth of the world wheat. Many kinds of food such as bread, biscuit, crackers, and cake are made from wheat.

North America Facts

North America Facts

North America Facts 3: The Largest Country

If you want to now the largest country in North American, you can visit Canada. You can go to Canada and enjoy many lakes here. This country has the highest number of lakes in the world. But the largest city in the continent is Mexico City.

North America Facts 4: Transportation

The people living in North American are myriad. The need of transportation is so high. The Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta is the busiest airport. River St Lawrence is considered as the busiest inland water Walt in the world.

North America Map

North America Map

North America Facts 5: Railway

You can make a visit to North American continent and explore each country by using train. If you want to know the busiest railway junction in the world, look at the Chicago railway junction.

North America Facts 6: Lake Superior

The largest fresh water in the world is located in Lake Superior. If you want to enjoy the highest waterfall in North America, you can go to Niagara waterfalls. It is one of the popular destinations in the world. Check Niagara Waterfalls facts to know the location.

North American Land

North American Land

North America Facts 7: Size of North America

North America is totally big because it spans on the 4.8 percent of earth surface. There are 24 countries located in North America. The people living here are more 500 million.

North America Facts 8: Galaxyland

If you want to take the children for a nice vacation, you can go to West Edmonton Mall. In the mall, you can visit the Galaxyland. It is considered as the largest indoor amusement park.

New York

New York

North America Facts 9: Climate

If you like to travel around North America, you need to get ready with various climates in each country. Don’t forget to visit Hollywood if you want to know the cinema capital of the world. Dont forget to read New York facts to know more about the big apple.

North America Facts 10: Christopher Columbus

I know that you are familiar with Christopher Columbus. He was the first European man who comes to North America. The name America derived from an Italian explored called Americo Vespucci.

North American Waterfalls

North American Waterfalls

Many people are interested to live in North America. It offers you with the best education, tourism destination and good transportation. There are many important buildings located in North America such as the UNO located in New York. Do you want to get extra facts about North America?

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