10 Interesting the British Isles Facts

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British Isles Facts present the information about a group of islands located off the north-western coasts of Europe. There many islands located in British Isles. The bigger ones include Great Britain and Ireland. But you can check out more than 6000 smaller isles. Find out more facts about British Isles by reading the post below:

British Isles Facts 1: Two sovereign states

British Isles have 2 sovereign states.  England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are the constituents which make up the United Kingdom of Great Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Another sovereign state is Ireland. Get facts about Ireland here.

British Isles Facts 2: three dependencies

There are three dependencies  located in British Isles. Those are Bailiwick of Guernsey in Channel Islands, Bailiwick of Jersey and Isle of Man under the British Crown.


British Isles

British Isles

British Isles Facts 3: the oldest rocks

The British Isles have the oldest rocks. They are 2,700 million years old. If you want to know the rocks, you can go to the North West of Scotland, Ireland and North Wales.

British Isles Facts 4: landscape

Living in British Isles is great for you can enjoy the mild climate. The people can enjoy different vegetations since many areas in British Isles have varied soils.


British Isles facts

British Isles facts

British Isles Facts 5: fauna

Actually British Isles have a lot of large animals. But some of them are extinct such as the European elk, bear and wolf. The red deer is protected.

British Isles Facts 6: the common fauna

The most common fauna in British Isles include stoats, hedgehogs, hares, rabbits and foxes. They are included as small mammals.


British Isles Flowers

British Isles Flowers

British Isles Facts 7: the wild boar and European beaver

The wild boar is introduced to some parts of southern England, while some parts of Scotland are introduced with European beaver.

British Isles Facts 8: coast and river

The common animal to spot on the coast is seal, while otter is very common in many rivers.


British Isles London

British Isles London

British Isles Facts 9: England

Based on the recent report, 80 percent of the people in British Isles live in England. It is called as the most populous place in British island due to the high density of population.   The population centers in British Isle can be seen in Great Manchester Urban area and West Midlands. Get facts about England here.

British Isles Facts 10: the busiest airport

The busiest airport in British Isles is London Heathrow Airport. The busiest air route in the airport is the Dublin-London route.


British Isles Pic

British Isles Pic

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