10 Interesting Sinkhole Facts

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Find out the hole or depression in the ground in Sinkhole Facts. The term sinkhole is interchangeable with doline, swallow hole, swallet, sink, cenote or even shakehole. The sinkhole is formed because of the collages of the surface layer. Get more interesting facts about Sinkhole Facts below:

Sinkhole Facts 1: karst processes

Karst process is one of the main causes of sinkhole formation. The process may occur because of dissolution of carbonate rock.

Sinkhole Facts 2: the size

Do you know the size of the sinkhole?  It can reach the diameter and depth from 3.3 to 2,000 feet or 1 to 600 meter.  This sinkhole can be found all over the world.

Sinkhole pic

Sinkhole pic

Sinkhole Facts 3: the Dead Sea

You can find some sinkholes located near Dead Sea. All of them are formed because of the freshwater intrusion which dissolves the underground salt.

Sinkhole Facts 4: the formation of sinkhole

The sinkhole can be formed because of the collapse of cave roof or even erosion. There is no need to wonder that a sinkhole is visible from the top.



Sinkhole Facts 5: the large sinkholes

Have you ever seen the large sinkholes before? If you are interested, you can check the pictures of the largest sinkholes located in Cedar Sink at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky or in Minyé sinkhole of Papua New Guinea.

Sinkhole Facts 6: the rocks

The risk of having sinkholes on a surface layer is high if the rock behind the layer surface is gypsum, carbonate rock, sandstone and other salt beds. Get Rocks facts here.

Sinkhole Facts

Sinkhole Facts

Sinkhole Facts 7: the human activity

Most sinkholes are formed because natural processes. But it can be formed because of human activity. The best example is seen in the Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Sinkhole Facts 8: the examples of sinkholes in the world

Sima Humboldt and Sima Martel in Venezuela are the examples of sinkholes occurred in sandstone.  Another sinkhole is located in Laos at Khammouan Mountains.

Sinkhole Image

Sinkhole Image

Sinkhole Facts 9: the cave

The presence of sinkhole can be seen in several caves in the world. If you are interested to know the fantastic sinkholes, check it on the Sarisariñama tepuy in Venezuela, Boesmansgat sinkhole in South Africa and Sótano del Barro in Mexico. If you want to know the deepest water filled sinkhole in the world, check it at Zacatón cenote in Mexico.

Sinkhole Facts 10: blue holes

Blue hole is the term used to called the sinkholes located at the coral reef. This sinkhole is very popular among the divers and swimmers. It has enormous depth. Find Belize facts here.

Blue Hole

Blue Hole

Are you impressed after reading facts about sinkhole?

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