10 Interesting Suriname Facts

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If you want to know the sovereign state located on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America, you have to check Suriname Facts. The official name of Suriname is Republic of Suriname. There are several countries which share the border with Suriname. To the south, you can find Brazil, while Guyana is spotted to the west. To the east, you can find it sharing border with French Guiana. Here are some interesting facts about Suriname for you:

Suriname Facts 1: the smallest country

Do you know that Suriname takes the record as the smallest country in South America? It has the area around 64,000 square kilometers or 165,000 km square.

Suriname Facts 2: the population

Do you know the population of Suriname? It is inhabited by 566,000 people. The largest city is Paramaribo. It is also the capital of Suriname. The highest concentration of the people in Suriname is located at the north coast of the country.

Suriname Pictures

Suriname Pictures

Suriname Facts 3: the previous inhabitants

In the end of 17th century, Suriname was under the rule of Dutch. Actually it was occupied by different types of indigenous people. Then it became a constituent under the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Suriname Facts 4: an independent state

Suriname became an independent state on 25 November 1975 after it decided to leave the Kingdom of Netherlands.



Suriname Facts 5: CARICOM

CARICOM stands for Caribbean Community. Suriname is one of the members in the organization.

Suriname Facts 6: the spoken language

Most people who live in Suriname speak Dutch. The widely used lingua franca in Suriname is Sranan. It is the English based Creole language.

Suriname Facts

Suriname Facts

Suriname Facts 7: the official language

The official language in Suriname is Dutch. There is no need to wonder that it is used in business, government, media and education.

Suriname Facts 8: the national celebrations

Some of the national celebrations in Suriname include New Year’s Eve, Indian Arrival Day, Day of the Revolution, Boxing Day, Independence Day, Keti Koti or Emancipation Day, Indigenous People’s Day, Javanese Arrival Day, and Christmas. Find facts about St. Lucia here.

Suriname Image

Suriname Image

Suriname Facts 9: the immigrants

The people who live in Suriname are from different ethnicities. There is no need to wonder that it has the unique arrival days such as the Chinese, Indian and Javanese arrival days. Get facts about Sudan here.

Suriname Facts 10: New Year’s Eve

The people in Suriname call the New Year’s Eve as the Oud jaar. It means old year. The people will gather in the commercial district so that they can enjoy the fireworks. The people can enjoy music and dance too.

Facts about Suriname

Facts about Suriname

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