10 Interesting Guyana Facts

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Guyana facts enable you to observe one of the countries in South Africa. Probably you have not visited this country because it is too small. Some people do not recognize about it. Actually there are some interesting places that you can visit when you are in Guyana. Find out about the language, culture and independence of Guyana by reading the following post below:

Guyana Facts 1: language

One of the English speaking countries in South America is Guyana. There are other kinds of languages spoken by the local people. Those are Urdu, Hindi, and Creole and Amerindian dialects.

Guyana Facts 2: border

Let’s talk about the border of Guyana in South American region. To the east side, it is bordered by Suriname. Brazil borders this country in the southwest and south area.  To the west, you can see Venezuela.

Guyana facts

Guyana facts

Guyana Facts 3: a small country

Based on its size, Guyana is ranked as the third smallest country in South America.

Guyana Facts 4: religions

There are three primary religions embraced by the people in Guyana. Those are Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.

Guyana Forest

Guyana Forest

Guyana Facts 5: name

The full name of this country is Cooperative Republic of Guyana. It became an independent country on 26th May, 1966. Guyana got it from Great Britain. It became a republic Guyana in 1970.

Guyana Facts 6: Georgetown

If you want to go to Guyana, you can reach Georgetown. This is the capital city of this country. Don’t forget to exchange your money for the people in Guyana use the Guyanese dollar.

Guyana georgetown

Guyana georgetown

Guyana Facts 7: climate

Most days that you pass in Guyana have the sunny feeling. The climate in the country is tropical.  In May to August and November to January, you can enjoy rainy seasons.

Guyana Facts 8: Essequibo River

Essequibo River is the considered as the longest river in Guyana. If you want to visits the highest mountain in Guyana, you can go to Mount Roraima. It has the height of 2,835 meter.

Guyana Map

Guyana Map

Guyana Facts 9: Omai gold mine

One of the largest open pit gold mines in South America is located in Omai gold mine.

Guyana Facts10: bird and flowers

Guyana has the official bird of Hoatzin. The official flower in the country is Victoria Amazonia.



The economy of Guyana relies on the export of rice, bauxite, gold, sugar, rum, molasses, timber, shrimps and alumina. Do you want to comment on facts about Guyana?

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