10 Interesting St. Lucia Facts

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Get the interesting information about the sovereign island country in St. Lucia Facts. St. Lucia is located on the eastern Caribbean Sea. The location of St Lucia is south of Martinique, northwest of Barbados and northeast of Saint Vincent Island. Based on the report in 2010, there were 174,000 people who lived in the country. It has the total land area at 238.23 square miles or 617 km square. Here are other interesting facts about Saint Lucia below:

St. Lucia Facts 1: the capital of Saint Lucia

Castries is the capital of Saint Lucia. The first European settlers on Saint Lucia were the French people. In 1660, there was a treaty between the French and native Carib Indians. In 1663 until 1667, the English controlled the island.

St. Lucia Facts 2: the war between French and British people

The people who controlled the island changed regularly because of the war between French and British to control the island.  French and British controlled the island seven times for each.

St. Lucia Beach

St. Lucia Beach

St. Lucia Facts 3: the nickname

Saint Lucia is nicknamed as Helen of the West Indies because the control of this island was changed between French and British for 14 times.

St. Lucia Facts 4: the independent country

It became an independent state for the Commonwealth of Nations on February 22nd, 1979. The legal system in Saint Lucia is based on the English common law and civil law for it has the mixed jurisdiction.

St. Lucia Beauty

St. Lucia Beauty

St. Lucia Facts 5: the culture of Saint Lucia

If you see the life of the people in Saint Lucia, they reflect the heritage of English, French, East Indian and African cultures.

St. Lucia Facts 6: the language

Most people who live in Saint Lucia speak Saint Lucian Creole French language.

St. Lucia Facts

St. Lucia Facts

St. Lucia Facts 7: Nobel laureates

There are two winners of Nobel laureates who come from Saint Lucia. In 1979, Sir Arthur Lewis was awarded with a Nobel Prize in Economics. In 1992, the Nobel Prize was awarded to Derek Walcott for his literature contribution. Find Spain facts here.

St. Lucia Facts 8: the famous festivals

The famous festivals in Saint Lucia include La Marguerite and La Rose. Saint Lucia Jazz Festival is considered as the most popular festival of the year.

St. Lucia Pic

St. Lucia Pic

St. Lucia Facts 9: Saint Lucia Jazz Festival

If you are interested to watch the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival, you can come to the country in May. There are various musicians and performers having concerts in many venues. You have to reach Pigeon Island to watch the grand finale. Get facts about Sri Lanka here.

St. Lucia Facts 10: 150th Anniversary of West Indian Heritage

The 150th Anniversary of West Indian Heritage was celebrated by the Saint Lucian people in May 2009.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia

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