10 Interesting North Korea Facts

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North Korea facts inform you with the county bordered by South Korea, Russia and China. People simply call Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as a North Korea. The area spans on the 120,538 square kilometer. It is smaller than Mississippi in US. Here are the interesting facts about North Korea.

North Korea Facts 1: population

The report conducted on July 2013 estimated that the people living in the country were around 24,720,407

North Korea Facts 2: Pyongyang

If you want to visit North Korea, you can go to the capital city, Pyongyang. The people living in here are mostly Korean. But you can also find Japanese and Chinese people.

North Korea Facts

North Korea Facts

North Korea Facts 3: religion

Talking about the religion of the people in North Korea, they often embrace Buddhism and Confucianism. However, some people choose Christianity and other sects.

North Korea Facts 4: no diplomatic representation

It seems that North Korea does not have a great relation with United States. The opinion is believed to be true for the country does not have any diplomatic representation in US. On the other hand, US does not have any diplomatic representation in North Korea.

North Korea Leader

North Korea Leader

North Korea Facts 5: Japanese control

Before North Korea and South Korea are independent, the Korean peninsula was under the Japanese control in 1910 to 1945. The southern half of the Korean peninsula was occupied by the US armies after Japan lost in WWI in August 1945. The northern part of the Korean peninsula was occupied by USSR.

North Korea Facts 6: Kim Il-Sung

Kim Il-Sung was the first leader in the country in 1945 to 1994. Both north and South Korea had problem. Since the issue could not be resolved, a separate government between the south and north areas was established in 1948.

North Korea People

North Korea People

North Korea Facts 7: invasion

The invasion of North Korea to South Korea happened on 25th June, 1950. In 1951 there was a peace negotiation between both countries. However, the fighting between the two areas remained until 1953.

North Korea Facts 8: death of Kim II-Sung

The death of Kim II-Sung made Kim Jong II became the North Korean leader on 8th July 1994.

North Korea Pic

North Korea Pic

North Korea Facts 9: meeting

In 2000, people were surprised to know that the leader of North Korean Kim Jong II and the leader of South Korean Kim Dae Jung met each other for the first time after the countries split 50 years ago. Read Kim Jong II facts here.

North Korea Facts 10: Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

North Korea is considered as a controversial country because of its nuclear weapon.  On 10th January 2003, North Korean left Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

North Korea

North Korea

Now North Korea is led by Kim Jong Un after the death of his father Kim Jong II. Are you interested with facts about North Korea?

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