10 Interesting Sudan Facts

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Find out the interesting facts about Republic of Sudan by reading Sudan Facts. Do you know that Sudan takes the record as the third largest country in Africa? Islam is considered as the dominant religion in the country. There are two parts of Sudan divided by River Niles. You can find the western and eastern halves. Check other interesting facts about Sudan below:

Sudan Facts 1: the ancient civilization

The people who want to learn more about ancient civilizations in the world should take a look at Sudan. There were various kingdoms which flourished here such Kingdom of Makuria, Alodia, Kerma, Kush, Nobatia, Meroe and many more. Most of them are situated along Nile River.

Sudan Facts 2: pharaonic kingship

The pharaonic kingship is not only seen in Egypt. It was spotted in the pre historic period of Nubia. It was identical with the pharaonic kingship in Nagadan Upper Egypt.

Facts about Sudan

Facts about Sudan

Sudan Facts 3: the history

If you check the brief history about Sudan, the country was Christianized in sixth century. In 15th century, it was Islamized. The Old Nubian language is considered as the oldest Nilo Saharan language after the Christianization. get facts about Sri Lanka here.

Sudan Facts 4: the largest country in 2011

Until 2011, it took the record as the largest country in Africa. But it could not retain the title after South Sudan decided to become an independent country. Now it took the third largest country in Africa and Arab World.

Sudan facts

Sudan facts

Sudan Facts 5: the international organization

Sudan is a member of various organizations such as Non-Aligned Movement, Arab League, United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and African Union.

Sudan Facts 6: the capital city

Khartoum is the capital city of Sudan. It also serves the commercial, cultural and political center in the country.

Sudan Picture

Sudan Picture

Sudan Facts 7: the government system

The system of government in Sudan is federal presidential representative democratic republic. It also has National Assembly. The function is to control the politics in the country. Find facts about South Africa here.

Sudan Facts 8: the Islamic law

The Islamic law is used as the basic foundation of the legal system in Sudan.

Sudan Pyramid

Sudan Pyramid

Sudan Facts 9: languages

There are around 70 languages spoken by the people who live in Sudan. The most spoken language is the Sudanese Arabic. The Nubian language is spoken by around 6 million people in Sudan.

Sudan Facts 10: the sport

Football and athletic or track and field are considered as the most popular sports in the country. But the local people also like to play volleyball, basketball, and handball.



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