10 Interesting Singapore Facts

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Let’s find out the modern city-state in Singapore Facts. Even though Singapore is a very small country, it has great economy. The location of this island country is in Southeast Asia. The island has the diamond shape. The official name is Republic of Singapore. Get more interesting facts about Singapore by reading the following post below:

Singapore Facts 1: the modern Singapore

In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles established the modern Singapore. Raffles earned permission from Johor Sultanate to use Singapore as a trading post for the East India Company.

Singapore Facts 2: sovereignty

In 1824, the sovereignty of the islands was acquired by the British. In 1826, it was called as one of the important Strait Settlements for British. Find out another country in Qatar facts.

Singapore Facts

Singapore Facts

Singapore Facts 3: the independence

In 1963, Singapore became an independent country from UK after the Japanese people took the island during World War 2. Singapore joined other British territories to establish Malaysia. After two years of joining Malaysia, Singapore was excluded.

Singapore Facts 4: the Four Asian Tigers

Now Singapore is considered as one of the Four Asian Tigers.  During the early time as a country, Singapore had to experience a lot of instability and turmoil.

Singapore Skyline

Singapore Skyline

Singapore Facts 5: Singapore Now

Now Singapore is considered as a major country not only in Asia, but also in the world.  It has the busy container port and financial centers. Find out Romania facts here.

Singapore Facts 6: the GDP

Based on the report in 2013, it was stated that more than 30 percent of the GDP in Singapore lies on the trade and manufacturing.

Singapore Picture

Singapore Picture

Singapore Facts 7: the people who live in Singapore

Based on the report in June 2014, it was inhabited by 5.5 million people. The foreign people were 2.1 million of them, while the 3.4 millions of them were the citizens of Singapore.

Singapore Facts 8: the ethnicity

More than 74.1 percent of the people who live in Singapore are the ethnic Chinese Singaporeans. The Indian people occupy 9.2 percent, while the Malays are 13.4 percent. English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil are considered as the four official languages in Singapore.

Singapore Pic

Singapore Pic

Singapore Facts 9: the popular sports in Singapore

Swimming, cricket, football, basketball, sailing, badminton, and table tennis are considered as the most popular sports in the country. Therefore, you can find a lot of public sport complexes, outdoor basketballs courts and swimming pools.

Singapore Facts 10: Marina Bay Street Circuit

In 2008, Marina Bay Street Circuit hosted Formula One World Championship, the Singapore Grand Prix.  It is considered as the first F1 to race in Asia.



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