10 Interesting Namibia Facts

Sunday, August 17th 2014. | Countries

If you like to read the interesting facts about the countries in Africa, check Namibia Facts. Get the insight about Namibia because you will know the capital city, population, nickname, Independence Day and official language in the country. Here are the complete Namibia facts for you:

Namibia Facts 1: capital city

Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia.  The meaning of this city’s name is windy corner. There are 322,000 people living in the city. Therefore, Windhoek is called as the biggest city in the Namibia.

Namibia Facts 2: population

Namibia is often called as the Land of The Brave. Based on the data in 2012, there were 2,259,000 people living in the country.

Namibia Beauty

Namibia Beauty

Namibia Facts 3: independence Day

The national day of Namibia falls on March 21. The republic country got its first independence day in 1990.

Namibia Facts 4: religions

The majority of the people in Namibia are Christians. It occupies 80 percent of the population. More than a half of the Christian people are in Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Namibia Facts

Namibia Facts

Namibia Facts 5: Languages

There are several languages spoken by the people in Namibia. They include English, German, Afrikaans and African languages.

Namibia Facts 6: The Namib Desert

The Namib Desert is famous in the country. It is the oldest desert in the world which can be traced back 55 million years ago. The desert spans on the country in more than 1000 km. Another famous desert in the country is the Kalahari Desert. It is located on the eastern border of Namibia. Learn more about Kalahari desert facts here.

Namibia Map

Namibia Map

Namibia Facts 7: safari

The people who want to enjoy a safari in Africa can go to Namibia. There are a lot of wild animals that you can view here. You can go to the Namibian National Parks and Game Reverses.

Namibia Facts 8: places of visit

There are many places to visit in Namibia. If you want to explore the colonial history, you can go to Luederitz and Swakopmund. Ghost Town Keetmannshoop is a good place for the people who want to know the diamond fever time. Etosha Pan and the North are good for wildlife viewing in the country.

Namibia Sign

Namibia Sign

Namibia Facts 9: Namibia People

Most people living in the country are the Black Africans.  But you can find Germans living in the southern part of the country. In the past, Namibia was a part of German colony. You can visit Swakopmund, Luederitz and Walvis Bay to know the blend of German and African culture.

Namibia Facts 10: the biggest tribe

Even though Namibia is filled with a lot of tribes, Ovambo is the largest one in the country.

Namibia Wild

Namibia Wild

The star gazers and astronomers who want to enjoy clear skies can go to Damaraland and the Namib. Are you fascinated with facts about Namibia?

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