10 Interesting German Facts

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013. | Countries

Read the following German facts. Germany is one of the biggest countries in the world. There are many events occurred in the country. Germany is famous as a country of sausages and beer. Here are the quick facts about Germany to understand:

German Facts 1: Beer

Beer is one of the important commodities in the Germany. Most Germans like to drink beer. In Bavaria for example, beer is considered as a food. However, the famous footballer Michael Ballack states that he doesn’t like beer.

German Facts 2: Müller

If you come to Germany, you can find many people have a surname called Muller. This is a very popular surname in Germany.

German Bridge

German Bridge

German Facts 3: Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is one of the most popular chancellors in Germany. He has a Barbie doll named after her.

German Facts 4: Nick name of Germany

Germany is called as the weimer republic, kingdom of Prussia, and Holy Roman Empire. Germany is considered as one of the largest European economists. If you want to know another country’s name, look at Russian facts.

German Landscape

German Landscape

German Facts 5: Bread

If you come to Germany, you can enjoy eating more than 300 kinds of bread. You can also make a visit in Bread Museum.

German Facts 6: Vegetation

Even though Germany is considered as sophisticated and high technological country, 31 percent of the area is still dominated with woodland and forest. The greenest vegetation can be seen on Hesse. Another country with scenic view can be seen in Turkey facts.

Germany Flag

Germany Flag

German Facts 7: Official language

The official language used in Germany is German. This language is also used by other countries such as Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. The people living in provinces of Alsace and Lorraine, French and Northern Italy also speak German.

German Facts 8: Wedding Celebration

One of the most phenomenal celebrations occurs in Bavaria. It is called as the first Oktoberfest which is used to commemorate the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria. Even though it is named Oktoberfest, it begins on September, Check out the right schedule before you visit Germany. You can enjoy the celebration by visiting Germany now. The means of transportation is comfortable because most taxis in Germany are Mercedes. If you take kids with you, you can check out more than 400 zoos here.



German Facts 9: Daylight Saving Time

The first country in the world which adapts the daylight saving time is Germany. It was occurred in 1916. Another record of Germany lies on printed book. It has the first printed book in the world.

German Facts10: Cologne Cathedral

The construction of Cologne Cathedral was so long.  The workers needed at least 623 years to make it done.

rothenburg germany

rothenburg germany

If you like to taste different types of food, you need to note on the usage of sausages. In Germany, there are more than 1000 different sausages produced in the country. If you learn German language you should never wonder if you find out different dialects. There are at least 35 dialects spoken by the local people. Do you know more facts about Germany?

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