10 Interesting Chad Facts

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Chad facts become the best information in how you may decide to visit it as your option of vacation. Well, we all notice that many people have gained good motivations in visiting Chad yet they have limited knowledge about it. In this reason, the facts below can become good information indeed.

Chad Facts 1: Independence Day

What you need to know about Chad first is about the Independence Day. Although some people sometimes underestimate about such type of information, we all understand that it is the most basic fact that any people can obtain from Chad. Chad has gained independence on 11 August, 1960.

Chad Facts 2: university of Chad

You may also recognize as well about the University of Chad was founded in the year of 1971. It is because of the existence of such university, it is about 3000 people become the participant of such university in the year of mid-1900s.



Chad Facts 3: Chad’s flag

If you pay attention on Chad’s flag, there are blue, yellow, and red stripes on it. Blue may symbolize sky or hope, yellow is the sun, and red is the fire or also unity. This flag is very popular indeed among people. So, you need to know about this I think.

Chad Facts 4: language

In understanding about Chad’s facts, you also need to know about the official language. If you review about the languages, you may recognize that Chad may use two basic languages such as Arabic and also French. Yet, there are also various African languages spoken there.

Chad, Africa

Chad, Africa

Chad Facts 5: Logone and Chari

Logone and Chari actually are the names of river. They are the most famous rivers in Chad. The location is in the Southwest of the Chad and such rivers may flow into Lake of Chad indeed.

Chad Facts 6: local people

You may recognize about the fact that there are also local people there called as Chadians. There are many ethnic groups which you can find on Chad. This variety indeed may become the basic interest of any tourist in visiting Chad.

Chad Embassy

Chad Embassy

Chad Facts 7: landlocked

If you visit Chad, you may understand that such country is landlocked. It means that such country has no boundaries of the sea which also means that you need to pass other countries if you want to conduct vacation to the beaches.

Chad Facts 8:  religion

You may understand that mostly people in Chad has certain religion such as Muslim. The amount is about 54% of the total population. Yet, you may recognize as well that people may also find other religions there.

Chad Facts

Chad Facts

Chad Facts 9: political instability

Although it is a very interesting country to conduct vacation, you may notice that Chad has the problem with the political stability. Such country is well known of its political instability indeed.

Chad Facts 10: death heart of Africa

Such country is called as well as the death heart of Africa. It is surrounded by many African countries and also has terrible dessert climate.

Local People in Chad

Local People in Chad

Sometimes people have unique reasons why they may visit Chad. Yet, whatever the reason is, people need to understand first in how to make sure that they can get information related to facts about Chad before visiting.

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