10 Interesting Bhutan Facts

Tuesday, November 19th 2013. | Countries

If you want to know different culture and way of life in a certain country, you can read the whole Bhutan facts. We understand that the Asian Kingdom of Bhutan is still isolated from the world. What makes this country unique is the condition because you will know the true Buddhist tradition held by the local people, lush landscape and local culture. Get more facts about the country in the following post.

Bhutan Facts 1: size

The land of Bhutan is a half size of Indiana, USA. This country is included on the 43 landlocked countries in the world.

Bhutan Facts 2: name

The name of this country is derived from the fierce storm on the Himalayas.  In English, the word Bhutan means the land of Thunder dragon.

Bhutan archery

Bhutan archery

Bhutan Facts 3: protection on the environment

The first country which includes the specific obligation for the government and people to protect the environment is Bhutan. Thus, the forest on the land of Bhutan should be preserved. It should have at least 60 percent forest all of the time based on the constitution.

Bhutan Facts 4: tobacco

Tobacco sale is very abundant in many countries in the world. Thus, Bhutan is the only nation which bans the tobacco sale.

Bhutan facts

Bhutan facts

Bhutan Facts 5: TV

The introduction of television of the people in Bhutan is too late.  One of the last countries to introduce a television of their citizens is Bhutan.  It is very relieving that the government has lifted the ban on the internet and TV.

Bhutan Facts 6: black-necked crane

Black necked crane is considered as the sacred animal in Bhutan. If someone is found guilty killing this animal, they can have life prison.

Bhutan Valley

Bhutan Valley

Bhutan Facts 7: population

The median age of the population in Bhutan is in the age of 22.3 years old.  The population with age under 14 years old is 1/3 of Bhutan population.

Bhutan Facts 8: Thimpu

The capital city in Bhutan is Thimpu.  The surprising fact is that this city does not have any traffic light. The public out cried when a traffic light was placed on the intersection. Thus, the government removed the traffic light.



Bhutan Facts 9: Gangkhar Puensum

The highest point in Bhutan is located in Gangkhar Puensum. It has the elevation of 24,840 feet. It is considered as the unclimbed mountain in the world.

Bhutan Facts 10: Bhutanese manner

When people are offered food, they have to refuse it according to Bhutanese manners. It is okay to give in if the person offers you two or three times.

Ashi Jetsun Pema

Ashi Jetsun Pema

Based on the facts above, I can say that Bhutan is a very strict country because TV and internet was banned in the past. But we should be happy to know that Bhutan is very protective about the environment. What do you think on facts about Bhutan?

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