10 Interesting Spider Monkey Facts

Thursday, September 12th 2013. | Animals

Spider monkey facts offer you with interesting ideas of an animal which live in a tropical rainforest. You can find them spreading around Central and South America and North Mexico. The animal hates living in dry region. Thus, they can be found easily in rainforest habitat. Let me give you more facts by looking at the following explanation about the slender animals below:

Spider Monkey Facts 1: Spider Monkey Name

The name of spider monkey is derived because of the behavior of the animals when they are hanging on the branches of tree. They will use the tail and four lids to hang on separate branches. It gives the appearance like a spider. Thus, people call it as spider monkey because of the resemblance. Read the full facts about monkey here.

Spider Monkey Facts 2: Prehensile Tail

The prehensile tail is also functional as the fifth hand for spider monkey. Without the tail, it will be uneasy for the spider monkey to move from one tree to other.

Spider Monkey  in Action

Spider Monkey in Action

Spider Monkey Facts 3: Collecting Food

When the monkeys collect the food, what they will do is using the prehensile tail and the feet to stick on the branch. Thus, their hands are free to collect the food from the tree.

Spider Monkey Facts 4: Color of Spider Monkey

The appearance of spider monkey is not really special. Most of them can be found in black color. However, you can see them in different colors such as golden, red and brown.

Spider Monkey Climb

Spider Monkey Climb

Spider Monkey Facts 5: Appearance on Eyes

Look the color around spider monkey’s eyes. You can see the fresh colored ring. The animal also has the white chin whiskers.

Spider Monkey Facts 6: Diet

The main foods gathered by spider monkey to stay survive include insects, fruit, nuts, seed, and bird eggs.

Spider Monkey Facts

Spider Monkey Facts

Spider Monkey Facts 7: Seed

Because 90 percent food eaten by spider monkey is fruit, this animal is responsible to spread the different seeds of fruit in the rainforest of South America. Look at rainforest facts here.

Spider Monkey Facts 8: Fore and Hind Limbs

Spider money does not have any thumbs. They have the hooked shaped hands. They are functional when the monkey wants to hold on the branches powerfully. The fore and hind lid is very long.

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey Facts 9: Female and Male Spider Monkeys

When we talk about the size of female and male spider monkey, both are almost similar. It is very difficult to differentiate them. However, the most female spider monkeys have bigger size compared to their male counterparts.

Spider Monkey Facts10: Noisy Animal

When spider monkeys communicate, they are very noisy. The sound or call of the animals can be come in the range 1000 to 2000 meter above the canopy area.

Panama spider monkey

Panama spider monkey

There several species of spider monkeys to learn. Some of them include the white-cheeked spider monkey, Columbian black spider monkey, Peruvian spider monkey, brown-headed spider monkey, ornate spider monkey, white-bellied spider monkey, and many more. What do you think on facts about spider monkey?

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