10 Interesting Polar Bear Facts

Saturday, June 8th 2013. | Animals

Polar bear facts can make you understand more about the life, habit and general information of this endangered species. Polar bears love to live in a cold region. You can go to the pole and enjoy the polar bear playing, walking and swimming. Here are some polar bear facts to know:

Polar Bear Facts 1: Place of Living

The place of living for polar bear is made from snow. But they like to use the old snow than picking the fresh snow falling from the sky to build their den. Penguin facts give you more info about another animal living in a pole.

Polar Bear Facts 2: Place of Living for Female Bears

Female polar bears are more organized when it comes about a den. They like to build a den with some rooms for different purposes. They also build a ventilation system located on the roof of the den.

Polar Bear Cub

Polar Bear Cub

Polar Bear Facts 3: Weight of Female Bears

The weight of female bears can reach between 227 to 272 kg and 500 to 600 pounds.

Polar Bear Facts 4: Polar Bear Fur

Polar bears love to swim on the cold water. Their fur can dry quickly after swimming for it comes in water repellant and oily features. Another animal with interesting fur is snow leopard. Read the snow leopard facts here.

Polar Bear Facts

Polar Bear Facts

Polar Bear Facts 5: Color of Polar Bear Fur

Many people describe that the polar bear fur is in white color. It is totally wrong for the real color is hollow. It makes you see it as white fur for it can trap the light and keep their body warm. However, they can overheat quickly. To prevent this condition, they will spend the rest of time by lying down, to get rest and walk slowly.

Polar Bear Facts 6: Polar Bear Hunting

The only species will like to hunt polar bear is human being. That’s why there are many polar bears extinct for people hunt their fur.

Polar Bear Leaping

Polar Bear Leaping

Polar Bear Facts 7: Clean Animal

Polar bears really concern about cleanness and hygiene. They will spend at least 15 minute to remove all dirt and dust on their fur by grooming. The dirt and dust can infect the insulation for their fur to absorb sun light.

Polar Bear Facts 8: Hibernation

Unlike the land bear, polar bears never hibernate. They will keep hunting to search for food when winter comes. Their body temperature will decrease below 31C when sleeping in winter seasons. The pregnant female bears will stay on the den or they become inactive. The male polar bears will hunt food.

Polar Bear on Ice

Polar Bear on Ice

Polar Bear Facts 9: Weight of Male Polar Bears

The male polar bears can have the weight up to 1500 pounds. The length of their body is measured around 10 feet. Polar bears like to eat seal, bird and fish.

Polar Bear Facts 10: Tantrums

Polar bears have unique habits when they lose the prey. They show the frustration by hitting piles of snow and throwing ice.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar bear is one of the funny animals that you can observe through their behaviors when they get frustrated losing the prey. But the global warming and hunting of polar bears make the animals get killed. Based on the facts about polar bear you know that you can preserve the endangered animal.

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