10 Interesting Yak Facts

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Yak Facts discuss the longhaired domesticated bovid. It has the scientific name of Bos grunniens. This domestic yak is found in Russia, Mongolia, Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya region of southern Central Asia. Bos Mutus is the biological name for the wild yak. It is considered as the ancestor of domestic yak. Why don’t you read the following post for details about yak?

Yak Facts 1: the name

The name yak is taken from the Tibetan word of yag used to call the male species of domestic yak. Nak or bri is a Tibetan word to call the female species. In English, the term yak is used to call both female and male species.

Yak Facts 2: the close relationship

Yak has a close relationship with Bos primigenius species or cattle because it belongs to genus Bos.

Yak Pic

Yak Pic

Yak Facts 3: the fossil relative

The fossil relatives of yak were discovered in eastern Russia. One of them was Bos baikalensis. Some believe that the modern American bison was probably the ancestor of yak. Look at facts about worms here.

Yak Facts 4: Bos grunniens

In 1766, Linnaeus named the species as Bos grunniens. Today, the term is only used to call the domesticated species. The wild species is called Bos mutus.

Yak Racing

Yak Racing

Yak Facts 5: the physical appearance

The physical appearance of yak is characterized by the presence of strong legs, bulky body, and long fur.  The horns are smooth, while the forehead is wide.

Yak Facts 6: color

The body color of domesticated yak is varied. On the other hand, the darker color is found on the wild yak.

Yak Rider

Yak Rider

Yak Facts 7: length of horns

The length of a male yak horn is measured at 19 to 39 inches or 48 to 99 cm. The female yak has shorter horn. It is measured at 11 to 25 inches or 27 to 64 cm. Check facts about woodlice here.

Yak Facts 8: the weight

The weight of female yak is around 496 to 562 lb or 225 to 255 kilogram. The male yak has the weight of 770 to 1,280 lb or 350 to 580 kilogram.



Yak Facts 9: the fur

The fur of male and female yak is dense, long and shaggy. The cold temperature will never affect their body due to the presence of thick undercoat on the thighs, flanks and chest.

Yak Facts 10: the tail

The tail of yak reminds you with the one found in the horse. It is long.

Facts about Yak

Facts about Yak

Are you well informed after reading facts about yak?

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