10 Interesting Snowy Owl Facts

Friday, September 20th 2013. | Animals

Snowy owl facts present you the information about the unique owl in the world. Unlike most owls which hunt the food during the night, snowy owl can hunt the food both at night and day. Thus, the animals are called as diurnal animals because they are active during the day and night. Get more facts bellow:

Snowy Owl Facts 1: Hunting Time

Snowy owl facts like to eat lemmings. They hunt the prey silently. It means that they will spend most time perching on the tree while silently waiting for the prey to come. See humingbird facts to get the colorful bird.

Snowy Owl Facts 2: Lemming Population

The lemming population in certain region affects the life of snowy owl. They will leave the arctic region if the population of lemming is down. They will search for another food by flying in the artic area. There is no need to wonder if you find snowy owl in the central US once in every 4 years.

Snowy Owl Alaska

Snowy Owl Alaska

Snowy Owl Facts 3: Feather

Snowy owls will never catch cold because of the feather. It has feather which can keep them warm all of the time.

Snowy Owl Facts 4: Diet

In a year a snowy owl can eat 1,600 lemmings because in a day they can eat 3 to 5 lemmings.

Snowy Owl Facts

Snowy Owl Facts

Snowy Owl Facts 5: Toes and Legs

Look at the toes and legs of snowy owls. The animals have the feather on the area to protect them from the cold temperature in the arctic region. Check peregrine falcon facts here.

Snowy Owl Facts 6: Airport

Many people often look snowy owls on the airport. Probably the big and wide airport reminds the snowy owl with tundra.

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl Facts 7: Predators

To stay survive snowy owls have to defend their nest from the predators who want to eat them such as wolves, arctic foxes and many more. They will try to distract the predators so that they will never approach the nest.

Snowy Owl Facts 8: Name

The snowy owls are famous with other names of Great white owl or artic owl.

Snowy Owl Flies

Snowy Owl Flies

Snowy Owl Facts 9: Group of Owl

When you want to call a group of owls, you can say a wisdom, stopping or and a bazaar of owls.

Snowy Owl Facts 10: Breeding Range

Now let’s talk about the breeding range of snowy owls. They like to explore the circumpolar region. You can find them living in Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia and Greenland.

Snowy Owl in White color

Snowy Owl in White color

Finding more facts about snowy owl is a great job too so that you can learn different species of owls in the world. These animals have no pigment in their body which makes them unique and beautiful. You can see the white color all over the body which can reminds you with snow. Are you interested reading the facts about snowy owl?

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