10 Interesting Monkey Facts

Wednesday, July 17th 2013. | Animals

If you love animals, you can read monkey facts. Monkey is one of the cutest animals. It is stated that monkey has three groups of simian primates. Those include the apes, new world monkey and old world monkey. If you are interested to know the detail info about monkey, the read the whole post below:

Monkey Facts 1: Original of Monkey Name

It is hard to decide where the name of monkey comes from. There are some speculations about it. The medieval story tells us that it was derived from the son of Martin the Ape called Moneke. Other thinks that it has something to do with the Dutch manneken called as minikin.

Monkey Facts 2: Primate

Monkey is included as a primate. It is not a human or even an ape. Ape does not have a tail, while a monkey has a tail.

Monkey Fact

Monkey Fact

Monkey Facts 3: Communication

A monkey communicates to other monkeys by using the facial expression, vocalization and body movements. You can see the signs of aggression when a monkey is pulling and grinning the lips.

Monkey Facts 4: Troops

When you like to call a group of monkey, you can name it as a troop.  Monkey can be seen living on the forest, grassland, high plain, trees and forest. If you want tohave a great pet, read Golden Retriever facts.



Monkey Facts 5: Extinction

Monkeys just like other animals are subject to extinction. The habitat of monkeys has been decreased from time to time. Another endangered animal is explained on Alligator facts.

Monkey Facts 6: The Smallest Monkey

If you want to see the smallest monkey in the world, look at Pygmy Marmoset. The weight is only counted at 3 to 5 ounces.  The length is about 117 to 159 millimeter.

Monkey Facts

Monkey Facts

Monkey Facts 7: The Largest Monkey

The largest monkey in the world is held by the male mandril. It has the weight about 77 pounds or 35 kg. The length is approximately 3.3 feet or 1 meter.

Monkey Facts 8: Disease

If you have a monkey as a pet at home, you need to maintain the hygiene of the animal. Monkey is can carry some diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis and simian herpes B.

Snow Monkeys

Snow Monkeys

Monkey Facts 9: Diet

Monkey needs to survive by eating both plants and animals. Banana probably is their favorite fruits. When they eat banana, they will peel the skin. There are some monkeys who eat dirt.

Monkey Facts 10: Barbary Macaque

The only free living monkey inhabited Europe is Barbary Macaque. If you want to know the monkey hunted by chimpanzees and human, you should look at Olive Columbus monkey and Red Columbus species.

spider monkey

spider monkey

There are many species of monkeys that you can learn. If you want to know the loudest monkey, you need to see howler monkeys. When they open the mount and cry, the howl can be heard by people and other animals for about 3 miles in an open area and 2 miles in a jungle. Do you think that facts about monkeys are significant?

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