10 Interesting Mountain Lion Facts

Sunday, August 10th 2014. | Animals

Mountain Lion Facts present the wild animal which has various nicknames. People often call it cougar, puma, or even catamount. You can find them living in Canadian forest into Florida swamps. If you are interested to know the detail facts about mountain lion, you have to read the following post below:

Mountain Lion Facts 1: comparison

Based on the size of body, mountain lion has similar body size with jaguar. However, jaguar is more powerful, aggressive and muscular.

Mountain Lion Facts 2: diet

Mountain lions survive by eating the large and small mammals. Their favorite foods include squirrel, rabbits, beavers, porcupines, mice and raccoons. Learn facts about mice here.

Mountain Lion Baby

Mountain Lion Baby

Mountain Lion Facts 3: United States

Do you know that there are 30,000 mountain lions located in the western part of United States? People concern a lot with the Florida panther because it is included as one of the most endangered animals. The population of these animals today is less than 100 individuals. People should do something to give conservation.

Mountain Lion Facts 4: range

Mountains lions can be found in some parts of the world. You can see them in Argentina, Canada, Southern Alberta, British Columbia, Florida, around Mississippi river, Texas and California.

Mountain Lion Facts

Mountain Lion Facts

Mountain Lion Facts 5: young and adult mountain lions

You can distinguish the adult and young mountain lions through the spot on the body. The adult ones do not have any spot on the body.

Mountain Lion Facts 6: solitary animal

Mountain lions are considered as a solitary animal. They will avoid other cats since mountain lions are very territorial.  The female lions have smaller range of territory compared to the male. The range of territory comes around 10 square miles to 370 square miles.

Mountain Lion Family

Mountain Lion Family

Mountain Lion Facts 7: hunter

Mountain lion is a good hunter. They will hunt to get food. The prey will be surprised when the mountain lion suddenly attacks them from behind and breaks the neck. They do not hunt in group. Since they are solitary, they hunt alone. The prey will be buried and left. If mountain lions are hungry again, they will came back to eat it.

Mountain Lion Facts 8: mating season

Mountain lions usually mate from December to March. But some of them mate throughout the year.

Mountain Lion Strength

Mountain Lion Strength

Mountain Lion Facts 9: gestation period

The female mountain lions will give birth in the gestation period of 82 to 96 days. They will present 2 to 4 kittens.

Mountain Lion Facts 10: the baby mountain lion

The baby mountain lion will be raised alone by the mother. They will nurse the kittens for two months. The mothers also teach the kittens to hunt.

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

The mountain lions will hunt for deer, porcupines, coyotes and raccoons at night, dusk or dawn. What do you think on facts about mountain lion?

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