10 Interesting Sea Otter Facts

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If you want to know the second smallest marine mammal in the world, look at sea otter facts. This animal is included in weasel family. It is considered as the heaviest one in the family. In the animal Kingdom, it is has the descent fur covered the body. In each square inch, it contains at least 250,000 until a million of hairs. It makes the sea otter warm because of the great installation. Compared to other marine mammals, set otter is not equipped with a bubbler. Find more facts in the following post below:

Sea Otter Facts 1: Population

In the past the number of sea otter is high. But it is decreased because of the fur trade. In 1900s, the number was decreased for about 1000 to 2,000 individuals. Find out more animal living underwater. Here are the facts about sea turtle.

Sea otter Facts 2: Diet

Each day, the animals will consume 25 percent of their weight in food. They like eating mussels, abalone, urchin, snail, crabs and clams.

Sea Otter Facts

Sea Otter Facts

Sea otter Facts 3: Population for Sea Otter

Population of sea otter in 2009 was around 2, 8000 individual. They can be seen in the south coast of California. There were around 64,600 to 77,300 sea otters living in Canada, Alaska and Washington. In Japan, the number of sea otter was less than a dozen, while in Russia there were 15,000 sea otters.

Sea otter Facts 4: Habitat

You can see the sea otter living around the coast of Japan, Aleutian chair, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, coast of Siberia, Russia, and California.

Sea Otter in Pair

Sea Otter in Pair

Sea otter Facts 5: Living in the Water

Sea otters spend most for their time in the water. They can dive up to the depth of 300 feet. They will hunt for food in the water. To keep the kelp from drifting away, sea otters will rest kelp on the land. Look at the unique animal in puffer fish facts.

Sea otter Facts 6: Using Tools

Sea otter is one of the rare animals which use a tool when they want to eat the food. The small rock is used by the sea otters when they want to open the shell. Other animals which use tool include birds and primates.

Sea Otter Yawning

Sea Otter Yawning

Sea otter Facts 7: Mating Season

There is no exact mating season for sea otters. You can see them mate through the year. The gestation period will occur from 6 to 8 months. Sea otters will deliver a pup. There is a big possibility for sea otters to deliver twins.

Sea otter Facts 8: Family

Sea otter is included in family mustelidae. This animal is closely related to fishers, weasels, river otters, skunks and badgers.

Sea Otter

Sea Otter

Sea otter Facts 9: Subspecies

There are three subspecies of sea otters.  The northern sea otters can be found in Alaska and Washington. The northern sea otters are seen on Kamchatka Peninsula, Kuril Islands and Russia. The southern sea otters are seen on Southern California.

Sea otter Facts 10: Living in Land

Sea otters will never face any difficulties when they have to stay on the land for a long time. Unlike other marine mammals, they will survive to stay on the land. Sometimes, they come up to the land to nurse, groom or rest.

Cute Sea Otter

Cute Sea Otter

They will spend hours of time when grooming on the fur. The fur is very important if it is used on the insulation to keep the body warm. Are you interested to find out more on facts about sea otter?

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