10 Interesting Turtle facts

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013. | Animals

To gain more information about one of the funniest little creatures in the world, you can read turtle facts below. Turtle is considered as a popular animal among kids.  It can be your pets too. You need to treat it well. The size of turtle is various. You can see it in small size or even big size. Here is the detail information about turtle:

Turtle Facts 1: Reptiles

Turtle is classified as a reptile. It is has carapace located on the upper shell. The function of carapace is used to protect turtle’s body like a shield. When you touch a turtle, you can feel how hard the shield is. Look at reptile facts to see other members in the group.

Turtle Facts 2: Protection

Even though turtle is not considered as a helpful animal, it knows how to protect the body. To avoid the predator, it will hide the head inside the shell. Besides the upper shell, it also has a lower shell. It is called as plastron. Turtle is included on the list of animal rights facts.

Turtle Facts

Turtle Facts

Turtle Facts 3: A Living Animal

Turtle has been living on earth as a reptile for more than 215 million years. This animal is included as cool blooded animal. It means that it can get the heat from the external environment. It cannot produce any internal heat from the body.

Turtle Facts 4: Leatherback Sea Turtle

If you want to see the largest turtle in the world, you need to scrutinize the leatherback sea turtle. The weight of this animal can reach 2000 lb. or 900 kilograms.

Turtle Life

Turtle Life

Turtle Facts 5: Eggs

Turtle will lay eggs on the sand of the beach. It will leave the eggs there to hatch on their own. When the eggs hatch, the young turtles will live on their own. They will go to the top of the beach sand to protect themselves from any predator.

Turtle Facts 6: Eggs and Temperature

The sex of turtle is decided based on the temperature in some species.  The higher temperature can lead the egg to hatch into a female turtle, while the lower one can be in a male turtle.

Turtle Swimming

Turtle Swimming

Turtle Facts 7: Special Glands

We know that the water in the ocean is salty.  Turtle can drink it well because their body is equipped with special gland. It functions to eliminate the salt from the water.

Turtle Facts 8: Habitat

Turtle can be in seen in any places other than Antarctica.  You can have a turtle as a pet. If you live in Australia and want to have it, ensure that you get a reptile license.

Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

Turtle Facts 9: Underwater Animal

Turtle lives in the water. It can stay underwater for at least 5 hours. It maintains the oxygen inside the body with slow heart rate.

Turtle Facts 10: Green Sea Turtle

One of the most popular species of turtle that people recognize is green sea turtle. This animal gets the name because of the color of the body.

hatching box turtle

hatching box turtle

This underwater animal even though can crawl on the land will prefer to live underwater. It will sleep and breathe the air underwater. Are you interested to find more facts about turtle?

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