10 Interesting Tiger Facts

Wednesday, June 19th 2013. | Animals

Tiger facts give you more information about the behavior, physical appearance, and life span of a tiger. This wild animal is well known with their ability to run in the jungle. When they roar, people will be scared. You need to stay away from tiger when exploring jungle or savannah.

Tiger Facts 1: The Biggest Cats

If you want to know the biggest cat in the world, you need to meet tiger. This wild animal lives in icy and hot forest.

Tiger Facts 2: Kids of Tigers

There are only five subspecies of tigers. Those include the Sumatran, Bengal, Indochinese, South China and Siberian tigers. They live in the world area, but their population is decreased.  It is estimated that the tigers live in the wild area only 7,400 individuals.

Asian Tiger

Asian Tiger

Tiger Facts 3: Extinction of Tiger

There are three subspecies of tiger extinct in the past several years. Those include Caspian, Java and Bali tigers.

Tiger Facts 4: Body Length of Tigers

Most tigers have the length around 1.4-2.8 meter or 4.5 to 9 feet. The tail is around 90 to 120 cm long. The foot pads of tiger are determined based on the size of their age.

Tiger Facts

Tiger Facts 5: Eyes of Tiger

The eyes of tiger are unique. They have yellow irises and round pupils. But the white tigers have blue eyes. Tigers can hunt their prey well at night for their eyes are six times more powerful to see at night.

Tiger Facts 6: Food

Tigers are a hungry animal. In a night, they can eat up to 100 pounds of meats. You can call it a man eater. However, tigers will search for fowls, frogs, and deer when they face difficulties to find meat.



Tiger Facts 7: Siberian Tigers

The subspecies with the heavy tiger is the Siberian tiger. This animal can reach the weight up to 225 kilogram or 500 pounds. The heaviest tiger ever in the Guinness book of record is a 1,025 male Siberian.  Siberian tiger is different from the rest of the tiger subspecies for it has think fur. Most Siberian tigers live in cold climate. The Sumatran tigers have the weight around 110 kilogram or 250 pounds. The male tiger is heavier than the female tiger.

Tiger Facts 8: Territory

Each tiger has their own territory. They will make the space by spraying scent of gland secretion and urine on the trees and bushes.



Tiger Facts 9: Retractable animal

Tigers are similar with domestic cats, they are retractable too. You can see them scratching the trees to mark their territory.

Tiger Facts 10: Life Span

If a tiger lives in the wild, it can live until 10 years. The tiger in captivity can live up to 20 years.

Diving Tiger

Diving Tiger

Most male tigers live alone. They catch the prey better than living as a part of a group. The female tigers will live with a cub. When the cub is 3 years old, he will find his own territory. Have you got the point when reading the facts about tiger?

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