10 Interesting Seahorse Facts

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Seahorse Facts tell you about a type of fish. Finally, this animal is included as a fish by the scientists after years of debate and researches. They are included in the Class Actinopterygii with other bony fish like tuna and cod. Seahorse is classified as a fish because of the swim bladder and gills. Here are some interesting facts about seahorse below:

Seahorse Facts 1: the fins

Seahorse does not have any tail fins. But it has four other fins.  Two fins are located on the cheeks. One fin is under the belly and one is at the base of the tail. The outer body of seahorse is filled with interlocking plates.

Seahorse Facts 2: bad swimmer

Most fish are great swimmer, but seahorse is a very bad swimmer.  They will hold the seaweed or coral for days to rest. They cannot move fast even though they beat the fins 50 times in a second.

Seahorse Color

Seahorse Color

Seahorse Facts 3: the place of living

Seahorse can be found living in various parts of the world. You can find them in tropical water or temperate waters. It is easier to find the seahorses on the mangrove forests, seagrasses, and coral reefs. Get facts about sea urchins here.

Seahorse Facts 4: blending with the environment

Even though seahorses prefer to live on the shallow water, it is not easy for us to see them in the wild. It is due to the fact that seahorses can blend well with the environment. They like living near the coral and seaweed.

Seahorse Cute

Seahorse Cute

Seahorse Facts 5: species

The species of seahorses are 53 based on the World Register of Marine Species. All of them are included the family Syngnathidae. The size of seahorses depends on the species. It can be 1 to 14 inches.

Seahorse Facts 6: the food

The main foods for seahorses include the small crustaceans and plankton. The seahorses have to eat constantly because they food is processed fast.



Seahorse Facts 7: monogamous

Seahorse is included in monogamous animal. They will mate for life.  The daily courtship ritual of seahorses is very interesting. Some of them can change the body color or even dance using the tails.

Seahorse Facts 8: giving birth

If you think that the female gives birth, you are wrong. The labor is the responsibility of the male seahorses.

Seahorse Orange

Seahorse Orange

Seahorse Facts 9: camouflage

As I have stated before, seahorses have the ability to camouflage.  The one which can change the body color is thorny seahorse.

Seahorse Facts 10: the usage of seahorse

Human hunts seahorse to use it for traditional medicine or even art. Get facts about sea lion here.

Seahorse Pic

Seahorse Pic

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