10 Interesting Sodium Facts

Saturday, August 29th 2015. | Science

The chemical element with the scientific symbol Na is explained in Sodium Facts. The appearance of sodium is depicted with silver white color and soft texture.  The atomic number of Na or natrium is 11. If you want to check this highly reactive metal, you can see it in alkali metal in column 1. Let’s find out more interesting facts about sodium by reading the below post.

Sodium Facts 1: the outer shell

In the outer shell of sodium, you can find a single electron just like the other six elements in the column 1 of the periodic table. 23Na is the only stable isotope that sodium has.

Sodium Facts 2: the abundance of sodium

One of the abundant elements in the earth crust is sodium. People can find in a compound for it does not occur in the nature in free element.



Sodium Facts 3: the minerals

There are several mineral that people can find in the earth crust containing sodium such as rock salt or NaCl, sodalite and feldspar.

Sodium Facts 4: the water soluble element

Sodium is the common element leached by water. It can be found on the ocean along with chlorine.  Thus, sodium is considered as one of the water soluble element. Check another element in silver facts here.

Sodium Texture

Sodium Texture

Sodium Facts 5: Humphry Davy

In 1807, Humphry Davy isolated the first sodium. He used sodium hydroxide to isolate sodium using the process of electrolysis.

Sodium Facts 6: the benefits of sodium compounds

There are many benefits that the people can get from the sodium compounds. You can get nutrient by taking the edible salt. Some people use it as a de-icing agent. It is also functional in the soap making industry. Get facts about salt here.

Sodium Picture

Sodium Picture

Sodium Facts 7: the benefits of sodium for plants and animals

All animals and plants in the world need sodium.  The living organism needs sodium for ECF compartment volume and ECF osmotic pressure.

Sodium Facts 8: sodium to create lamps

Do you know that sodium is also important to create lamps? They are called the sodium vapor lamps. The usage of sodium in the lamps is to present color when the pressure enhances. It can be in orange, yellow or peach color. The sodium vapor lamp is often seen in the cities to enlighten the streets. It can give intense blue color if sodium is mixed with potassium.

Sodium Facts

Sodium Facts

Sodium Facts 9: telescope

The land based telescope also uses sodium for it can help the adaptive optics to form the artificial laser.

Sodium Facts 10: the color of sodium

Sodium has the soft silvery metal color when you keep this element at room temperature.  If it is oxidized, the sodium has the grayish white tone.

Sodium Color

Sodium Color


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