8 Interesting Salt Facts

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Salt Facts tell you about a type of mineral which belongs to halite or rock salt. The main composition of salt is NaCl or sodium chloride.  The large quantity of salt can be found in the saltwater. The salinity of the seawater is around 3.5 percent. It means that it has 1.2 oz or 35 grams of solids per liter. Salt is very important not only for human being but also for animals.  When you cook, it will be great if you can use salt as one of the basic tastes. Let’s find out more interesting facts about salt below:

Salt Facts 1: salt in animals and plants

The larger quantities of salt can be found the tissues of animals compared to the plant tissues. Therefore, the people who have the cereal based diets will need salt for the supplementation. On the other hand, the nomads do not have to get added salt because they can get it from the heard or flocks.

Salt Facts 2: the food seasoning

Salt is one of the basic tastes. It has been used as the food seasoning since the ancient era. The food preservation can be conducted by salting.

Salt Facts

Salt Facts

Salt Facts 3: the salt processing

One of the earliest evidences of the usage of salt was in Romania around 8,000 years ago. At that time, the Romanian people boiled the spring water to get the salt extraction. In China, salt processing was recorded around the similar period with the Romanian people. Get facts about mineral here.

Salt Facts 4: an important food seasoning

The ancient Romans, Greeks, Hebrews, Hittites, Byzantines and Egyptians prized the salt. It was an important item for trade. This item was transported to other regions.

Salt Production

Salt Production

Salt Facts 5: the price of salt

In the ancient time, salt was sold in high price due to the high demand and scarcity. Therefore, several nations went to war just because of salt. The importance of salt was not only used in the cooking process, it also had the cultural significance and religious aspect.

Salt Facts 6: the production of salt

The salt production can be derived from the salt mines. The spring water in shallow pools and seawater can be the main sources of salt production.

Salt Pic

Salt Pic

Salt Facts 7: the industrial products

Chlorine and caustic soda are the examples of some industrial products. But salt is also used during the manufacturing process of paper pulp, plastics and polyvinyl chloride.

Salt Facts 8: the health influence

Besides making the food delicious, salt has a major impact on the health. It can increase the blood pressure. The risk of having heart attack and stroke is higher if you consume a lot of salt. Get facts about health here.

Salt Industry

Salt Industry

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