10 Interesting the Mars Rover Facts

Wednesday, August 24th 2016. | Science

The Mars Rover Facts tell you about motor vehicle used in Mars. There have been four successful Mars Rovers operating on Planet Mars.  This automated vehicle has many advantages for it can point to the attractive features, observe new territory and resist the winter and sunny condition.  The Mars Pathfinder Mission was managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. But it is currently inactive. Let’s check other interesting facts about the Mars Rover below:

The Mars Rover Facts 1: the present day jobs

Now the laboratory works as a part of Mars Science Laboratory mission for managing the active Opportunity rover and inactive Spirit for Mars Exploration Rover mission.

The Mars Rover Facts 2: the current studies on Mars

NASA stated that they have the Curiosity and Opportunity Rovers working on Mars for the current study on 24th January 2014. The main purpose of both rovers on the planet is finding the new evidence of ancient life.

The Mars Rover Photo

The Mars Rover Photo

The Mars Rover Facts 3: the ancient life of Mars

NASA focused to reveal the ancient life on Mars by checking the ancient water as well as the biosphere related to the autotrophic, chemolithoautotrophic and chemotrophic microorganisms. Those data are important to find out whether the planet is habitable or not.

The Mars Rover Facts 4: the main objective of NASA’s mission

The mission proposed by NASA today is mainly focused to find out the evidence of organic carbon, taphonomy and habitability of Mars.

The Mars Rover Facts

The Mars Rover Facts

The Mars Rover Facts 5: the rovers sent to Mars

There have been several rovers sending to reach Mars. Some of them are successful, while others fail.

The Mars Rover Facts 6: Sojourner rover

On 4th July 1997, Sojourner rover, Mars Pathfinder was successful reaching Mars. On 27th September 1997, it lost contact.

The Mars Rover

The Mars Rover

The Mars Rover Facts 7:  Spirit (MER-A)

On 10th June 2003, Spirit (MER-A) was launched to Mars. On 4th January 2004, it was successfully landed on the planet.  It had explored 4.80 miles of Mars six years after its first landing.  Find facts about the International Space Station here.

The Mars Rover Facts 8: Opportunity (MER-B)

On 7th July 2003, Opportunity (MER-B) was launched. On 25th January 2004, it arrived on Mars.

The Mars Rover Pic

The Mars Rover Pic

The Mars Rover Facts 9: the total distance of Opportunity (MER-B)

The total distance covered by Opportunity (MER-B) is 25.01 miles or 40.25 km.

The Mars Rover Facts 10: Curiosity

Another rover called Curiosity was released on Mars on 26th November 2011. On 6th August 2012, it landed on Aeolis Palus plain. Find facts about Planet Mars here.

The Mars Rover Images

The Mars Rover Images

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