10 Interesting Fertilizer Facts

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014. | Science

Fertilizer facts perhaps for some people are unimportant. Yet, there will be no problem in learning about the facts related to fertilizer. Do you know the basic function of fertilizer? What are the reasons people using fertilizers? Those facts can be learned here.

Fertilizer Facts 1: fertilizer on plants

Plants actually can receive fertilizer to become their enhancement of growth. In fact, fertilizer makes any plants in achieving optimum growth. It can stimulate in how such plants growing. Yet, it should be the perfect option for your plants to get the fertilizer.

Fertilizer Facts 2: soil testing

In order to be able to decide the amount of fertilizer applied in the soil, you need to do soil testing. It means you test the nutrient necessity of the soil. If you can’t do it by yourself, you can get help from lawn care service.

fertilizer facts

fertilizer facts

Fertilizer Facts 3: the variety

Choosing fertilizer is not simple as you think. It means you need to learn variety of the product. There are different concentrations including potassium, phosphorous, and also nitrogen. Reading the label can help you decide the one.

Fertilizer Facts 4: types

If it is about fertilizer, you can find two major types of it. First is the chemical fertilizer and second is organic fertilizer. People have different preferences in choosing the product actually. Therefore, you need to learn first before buying.

fertilizer non Bumic

fertilizer non Bumic

Fertilizer Facts 5: rising price

There is a price about cost of fertilizer. As the time goes by, the cost fluctuates. The rising price may apply for any different brand of fertilizer on the marketplace. Therefore people start to look for alternative product such as raw fertilizer.

Fertilizer Facts 6: the raw fertilizer

Perhaps you wonder about any materials used for the fertilizer. They are some amount of ornamental horticulture used for the raw fertilizer actually.

fertilizer on farm

fertilizer on farm

Fertilizer Facts 7: reasons of skyrocketing price

The price of fertilizer is skyrocketing because it has the effect from China and also India which bought large amount of fertilizer which makes the stock reducing. The increase of oil price can also become the reason.

Fertilizer Facts 8:  cost of production

Raw materials of fertilizer nowadays are used globally for agriculture production. Do you know that the cost of production within the green house is huge?

fertilizer products

fertilizer products

Fertilizer Facts 9: impact on growers

The cost may impact to grower. Although it is only 5% of total cost in growing plants, if you sum up in annual cost, you may suffer terrible cash to spend.

Fertilizer Facts 10: synthetic fertilizer

There is synthetic fertilizer. It uses high amount of chemical compounds. It is the fastest method to grow plants.



There will be no downside learning facts. Even you can gain better information in how to use such product. Fertilizer is important item to use if only you really know how to maximize the functions by learning facts about fertilizer as well.