10 Interesting Silicon Facts

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Get the interesting Silicon Facts in the following post below. This element is symbolized in Si in the periodic table. It is included in metalloid classification. Si has the atomic weight at 28.085 and the atomic number of 14. In 1824, Jons Jakob Berzelius discovered silicon. Check out the interesting details of silicon in the following post:

Silicon Facts 1: the melting and boiling point

Silicon has the boiling point at 5909°F or 3265°C. The melting point is 2577°F or 1414°C. When silicon is kept at a room temperature, it has solid form. The density of silicon is 2.392 grams per cm cubed.

Silicon Facts 2: the abundant element

It is stated that silicon is called as the second most abundant element on earth. It takes the eighth place of the most abundant element in the universe.

Silicon Pic

Silicon Pic

Silicon Facts 3: silicon in the periodic table

If you want to check out silicon in the periodic table, you have to move the eyes on the 14th column of the second element.  Silicon has 14 protons and 14 electrons. The outer shell contains 4 valence electrons.

Silicon Facts 4: the appearance of silicon

It has the solid form in the standard room condition. It has the silvery gray metallic color if you find silicon in the crystalline form. It resembles the look of a brown powder if silicon is kept in random form.

Silicon Color

Silicon Color

Silicon Facts 5: the discovery of silicon

Jons Jakob Berzelius took the credit as the first person who discovered silicon by studying quartz. He was able to isolate the first pure silicon in 1824. This Swedish chemist produced the sample of silicon too. Actually the one of the first scientists who believed that there were several new elements in quarts was Antoine Lavoisier. But this man did not isolate it.

Silicon Facts 6: the stable isotopes

There are three stable isotopes of silicon which include silicon-30, silicon-29 and silicon-28. Silicon-28 is the considered as the most common stable isotope found in nature. It occupies 92 percent of silicon in the world. Get facts about silver here.

Silicon facts

Silicon facts

Silicon Facts 7: the term silicone

The word silicone was derived from silicus. It was a Latin word which means flint. Check selenium facts here.

Silicon Facts 8: the main usage

Silicon is mostly used in electronic. It can be used as a semiconductor.

Silicon Si

Silicon Si

Silicon Facts 9: silicate minerals

Silicon is often found in silicate minerals. It is very rare to find free formed silicone in nature. You can also find silicone in quartz, agates, opals, amethysts, flint and sand.

Silicon Facts 10: the silicone minerals

People can also get silicone from mica, clay, granite, asbestos, diorite and talc.



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