10 Interesting Silver Facts

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One of the precious metals is explained in silver facts. Since the ancient time, silver has been called as one of the expensive metals. It is considered as one of the most reflective elements due to the shining look. Therefore, silver is often used to create solar cells, microscope, mirrors and telescope. Let’s get more interesting facts about silver by reading the below post:

Silver Facts 1: the term

The word silver is derived from the word seolfor. It is taken from the Anglo Saxon word.  As I have stated before, silver has been known since the ancient time as a precious metal.

Silver Facts 2: the reflective surface

Do you know that 95 percent of the visible light spectrum can be reflected by the polished silver? Even though it can reflect the light, silver is not considered as a good reflector for the ultraviolet light.



Silver Facts 3: the discovery of silver

It is estimated that silver was discovered in 4000 BC.  The ancient people tried to separate silver from lead in 3000 BC. There is no need to wonder that it is considered as one of the first five metals found by human beings.

Silver Facts 4: is it a toxic element?

If you think that silver is included as a toxic metal, you are wrong. Silver is a nontoxic element which can be used to kill the bacteria. It is often used in food decoration. However, you have to be careful with the silver salts for they are toxic for human being.

Silver Pic

Silver Pic

Silver Facts 5: the natural state

People can find out silver in natural state. They can discover silver in the form of crystal or even nuggets.

Silver Facts 6: electrum

Electrum is the term used to call the silver and gold which forms a natural alloy. Silver can be discovered in zinc, lead or even copper ores. Find gold facts here.



Silver Facts 7: the ductile element

Silver is considered as a ductile element.  However, silver is less ductile than gold. You can create a wire with the length at 8,000 feet from an ounce of silver.

Silver Facts 8: the conductor

Silver can be used as a good conductor for electricity. Silver gets the 100th position from 0 to 100 scales for the electrical conductivity. Gold is ranked in 76th place, while copper gets 97th place.Get facts about gold mining here.

Silver Coins

Silver Coins

Silver Facts 9: the sterling silver

The sterling silver is the most common form of silver. It contains 92.5 percent silver. It is mixed with other metals. The most common metal to mix with silver is copper.

Silver Facts 10: the chemical symbol

If you check the periodic table, silver is symbolized as Ag. It was taken from the word argentum from Latin word.

Silver Facts

Silver Facts

Are you fascinated reading facts about silver?

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